written by Patrycja Olszewska

To lick the dirtiest places in Europe? Who will do it and more importantly – Why?

A Finnish company ‘’Valio’’ launched in 2016 a gut-shocking sponsored documentary on TV.

Ian Wright’s – international travel presenter – challenge is to find and lick (yes, yes) the dirtiest locations in Europe.

He travels with bottles full of ‘’Gefilus’’ yogurt with good bacteria in it. He also uses a luminometer to measure the bacteria count.

He licks the most disgusting places like airplane toilet, Russian public telephone box, toys in a Finnish kindergarten, water from a filthy Swedish river etc. – all this to prove that when being exposed to all kinds of microbes, he can survive thanks to the ‘’Gefilus’’ probiotic yogurt drank every day.

The 22-minute video is full of funny and repulsive moments enriched by the interviews with scientific people. Good educative entertainment, if you don’t mind the visual ‘’tortures’’ of what’s being licked.

The whole promotional campaign of ‘’Gefilus’’ with Ian Wright is well presented on the company’s web-site as well as on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and even some blogs written by people influenced by this campaign. One can even find 2 well-structured infographics.

There are many interesting articles about this campaign and ”Gefilus” yogurts on the company’s web-site which seem actually to be blog articles. There is news which looks more corporate in style, infographics and even a press release concerning the event. All these elements are written in a funny but educational way that is very consistent.

Facebook commercials are informative, captivating and engaging, redirecting to the company web-site. They are created as they were Frequently Asked Questions usually placed on companies’ web-site. For example:

‘’Did you know that your gut is the size of a tennis court?’’

‘’Did you know that intestine is called our second brain?’’

‘’Would you know that your gut has a length of 10 meters?’’

There are contests (call to action style) to win their products or an iPhone.

One can find ‘’The lick-hiker’s guide to inner strength’’ video.

There is information about new packaging too.

This video and the whole campaign are designed to draw attention to the link between the intestine, our inner strength, and our well-being and, of course, to promote the benefits of the product. It shows what the company can do for their clients thanks to their probiotic yogurts.

Ian Wright does show us how important are the good bacteria in our everyday lives. The way it’s presented may be shocking for some people but definitely, it draws the attention of those who decided to keep watching the documentary and follow the campaign with all fascinating messages on Social Media. Mission accomplished (according to myselfJ


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