“Let’s Talk” about a successful social media campaign

by Louise Chagnon-Bucheit


What does it take for someone to open up about a very personal issue? A socially stigmatized subject? Often it takes the courage of just one individual sharing their story for others to feel safe enough to share theirs. Can an online community where people feel safe and accepted be the launching pad for a national discussion? Bell’s Let’s Talk campaign hopes so! Harnessing the power of social media to help destigmatize mental illness Bell is creating a community where Canadians can talk openly about a subject, which is still for far too many considered taboo.

Bell’s Let’s Talk campaign is all about empowering Canadians to talk about a tough issue. Through their Website, Facebook page & Twitter account Bell gives Canadians the power, support and the tools to open up about mental illness and lead those who are suffering to where they can find help. Built around a well written and cleanly designed website, Bell’s Let’s Talk campaign message and goals are carried through to their other social media platforms.

The call to action is clear and in addition to supporting open dialogue and sharing throughout the year, Bell has anchored the campaign around the Bell Let’s Talk day. On this one day of the year, each text message ( for Bell customers), post or tweet using the #BellLetsTalk will be matched with a 5 cent donation by Bell to mental health initiatives in Canada. Consumer engagement is key in this campaign and Bell does a good job at incentivizing Canadians to use social media to help an important cause.

Screenshot 2016-11-26 14.10.34.png

Bell’s Let’s Talk website makes great use of celebrity testimonials but also testimonials of everyday people finding the courage to open up and share their own experience with mental health issues. Information is broken up into key topics with easy click through to additional details. Links to Facebook & Twitter make it easy for the consumer to further engage. Overall the website has a very straightforward feel to it which in itself destigmatize the subject matter.

Screenshot 2016-12-01 07.51.39.png

Bell’s Let’s Talk campaign continues to connect with its community through strategic & timely Facebook posts.  Sharing related stories, sharing comments from the community and engaging directly by responding to comments, Bell’s Let’s Talk keeps the conversation going. On Twitter tweets are written in an active voice and they encourage their followers to get involved, reach out and connect.

Bell’s Let’s Talk social media campaign is successfully creating a safe haven for Canadians to open up about a difficult topic. On January 25th, 2017 will you join the conversation? #BellLetsTalk




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