Thank You, Mom: The Heartwarming (Brand) Story

By Lara Hamelin

Has a thirty second to one minute commercial ever made you feel so happy you could cry? No? Maybe? Just me?

I can almost guarantee tears were shed all over the world when Proctor & Gamble (P&G) launched Thank You, Mom. This campaign premiered during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics showcasing the dedication of the athlete’s biggest fans – their mothers. A major focus of this campaign was the emotional videos. There are two versions produced – a 30 second spot for television and the full-length version posted on the P&G YouTube channel. These YouTube videos went viral in a matter of days. Let’s take a moment and appreciate the Rio 2016 Thank You Mom segment entitled “Strong”.

What P&G does extremely well is showcase how much they care about their customers. This multinational company sells a wide range of consumer goods – from diapers to shaving gel. It’s difficult to get consumers to love these types of products. Instead Proctor & Gamble taps into the emotional connection that their products can provide to consumers. In my opinion, the Thank You Mom campaign is brand storytelling at its finest.


Why People Choose This And Not That

If done well brand storytelling can have an immense influence on purchasing decisions. As recounted by Bernadette Jiwa – “since the dawn of advertising the outward motivation of brand storytelling (in the form of advertising) was to gain attention in the moment and to acquire more customers. In many ways the ‘tell to sell’ strategy sold the power of the storytelling short.“ However in today’s competitive marketplace brands in the CPG sector need to invest in brand storytelling to remain relevant in the mind of consumers. These brands need to build trust with the customer. Proctor & Gamble’s Thank You Mom campaign is able to do this by presenting relatable and inspiring heroes. In turn this creates a stronger connection between consumers and P&G brands.

Mom’s Love Social Media

Have you ever felt really embarrassed when your mom posted photos of you on Facebook? Well the Thank You Mom campaign could be a catalyst to this phenomenon. P&G has secondary Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts where they encourage consumers to post and tag the brand linked to the personal achievements of their loved ones. You can see a comment below from one of the recent Thank You Mom Facebook posts.


The digital content of this campaign revolves around the Olympians and their mothers. However the story behind the content is relatable. The heartwarming message of a mother’s unconditional love as their child strives for greatness can hold true in numerous scenarios. Without realizing this campaign makes consumers feel connected to the brand and inspires the question – have you thanked your mom recently?




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