Exit face lifts and diets, drink Evian and #liveyoung!

By Marylin Merit

One of my McGill Content Creation class assignment has been to chose one of the most successful digital campaign due to its content. I instantly thought about this amazing Evian campaign that was created in 2009 and went super viral : despite the lack of content in the video itself, this campaign generated a massive amount of content developed by this French company and also by the users! I found this was a great example for my class and I will share with you today how successful this campaign was and what was the impact on the global social media community.

It started with the roller babies video, with the goal to become viral


                                                          Click on the image to watch the video

Evian, brand of the French company Danone, is a well-established brand in France and I would say, as a French gal, the most popular! The challenge Evian was facing back in 2009 was to be recognized in other countries, including North America.

This is why they decided to develop a massive digital campaign that would trigger virality through digital channels, including social media. I would easily say that Evian was one of the pioneer in the digital word-of-mouth strategy with the objective of user-generated content. This also comes back to what Simon Sinek (video in this link) is known for : explaining the why. In the case of Evian, this is just water, right? Well, we buy Evian because there’s an emotional decision behind the action of buying this brand rather than another one. The promise is super strong : « Live young ». Who doesn’t want to live a young and healthy life? Well, I do! Where’s my Evian?

« People don’t buy what you do but why you do it! » Simon Sinek

So keeping the why in mind, Evian decided to develop this strong « Roller babies » video campaign that would differentiate from the « just water » competitors and then become THE brand that will keep you young in your body and in your mind! In July 1st 2009, the company launched their ad campaign on Youtube with the following statement : « Let’s observe the effect of Evian on your body ». The #liveyoung movement was born!


Credit :stillwaterforlife.blogspot.ca

The impact of this video has been huge on social media 

It wasn’t long before this video created a massive buzz in the digital community : more than 100 million views! After a few months only, the Guinness Book of World Records 2009 officially declared Roller Babies as the most viewed online ad !

Not only the video was becoming viral but it was also relayed through the major social platforms at that time : Facebook and Twitter.

At the end of 2009, Evian was proud to :

  • Be #1 on YouTube
  • Be #1 on Viral Video Chart
  • Reach 102 million views (53,357,588 visible measure views on YouTube to date)
  • Have generated 54,000 comments and tweets
  • Count more than 1.5 million Facebook fans across a number of Roller Baby fan pages
  • Have more than 212 000 YouTube friends and subscribers

You want to know more about this success story? I can’t wait to come back to you with a 5 minute presentation that I will perform during the McGill content creation class on Dec. 8th! Until then, #liveyoung and drink Evian!



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