Are you Beautiful?

By Rosanna Perri

What is beauty?   Confucius said “everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”.  This ancient philosopher was on to something.   Dove is a company that for over a decade has fostered the notion that beauty comes from within by promoting self-confidence and positive self-esteem.  Steering away from the false notion depicted of beauty in popular culture today.

Changing society’s perception of beauty is not viable in this day and age!  Dove recognized this and after much research they chose to campaign real women, real beauty in the mid-2000s. Over the years they evolved their campaigns from featuring real beauty to real women to different age beauty. Their product/brand was and continues to be promoted subliminally. Small logos of the brand appearing in obscure locations of their advertising, promos and their website.  Their primary message has been constant and unwavering by relating to the ‘normal’ everyday woman and telling their story. Brilliant!  That’s what makes them one of the leading advertisers this century.


Choose Beautiful is a campaign launched in April 2015 which encourages positive self-esteem and confidence thus choosing to be beautiful. Their video “Choose Beautiful” has gone viral and has attained 7.7 million views.  A google search yields 293 million search results. Successful?  Heck, ya!


Dove did their homework. They surveyed 6,400 women around the world on perception of beauty and over 95% did not see themselves as beautiful. Dove believed that choosing to feel beautiful was a confidence and happiness booster.

Dove set up a social experiment and launched the video to depict the choice women make.  This was setup in 5 cities worldwide, San Francisco, Shanghai, London, Sao Paolo and Delhi.  It features women making a choice to walk through specific doors.

Care to watch….


Simple motivational posts on Facebook and twitter reinforces that beauty is a state of mind.  The power to choose rather than be told what beautiful should be.



By using cause-related marketing, they are promoting natural, real people of all colors, shapes, sizes and ages.  This approach raises self-esteem.  Whereas Victoria Secret ‘The Perfect Body’ campaign featured one body type, tall and skinny.  This campaign expresses a false sense of beauty that contrary to Dove’s campaign lowers self-esteem.  Very demotivating for the majority of women today.

Dove has inspired women to choose what makes them feel beautiful everyday creating confidence and happiness.

Bernadette Jiwa in her The Story of Telling website clearly states that a successful brand is built on relating to the audience. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy how you make them feel and the story you give them to tell.”


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