Are You A Woman Of Will?

By Vicky Galofre

Remember that special day I subscribed to my first blog? Well, I have been getting email notifications every time  Bernadette Jiwa post an article on  her blog “The Story of telling”. I have to say it again, I just love it! Talking about success stories, let me tell you that I found a company brand that was able to beautifully use story telling on their digital content campaign. First, let me quote Bernadette Jiwa

People don’t buy what you do; they buy how you make them feel and the story you give them to tell.

Do you want to know how I felt? 3 words: Strong, empower and inspired. Do you want to feel this? Go and take a look at this video and you will understand what I’m talking about, I’ll be waiting right here to discuss it.  #IWillWhatI Want.

Welcome back. Amazing right?

This emotionally connected and inspiring campaign, features several beautiful and strong athletes such as  Misty Copeland (ballerina), Lindsay Vonn (downhill skier), Sloane Stephens (pro tennis player), Kelly O’Hara (pro soccer player), and Brianna Cope (pro surfer).


My favorite so far is Misty Copeland’s story.  She began dancing at the age of 13 and was told she had neither the experience nor the right body type to become a ballerina.  Now, she is a soloist in the American Ballet Theater.  Against all the odds, Misty has become one of the most successful and recognizable dancers in the world. Can you believe it? But…

Why Do We Like It?

Simple – It a relatable message, it’s a clear message and most importantly it features emotional storytelling.  This campaign is meant to empower women and girls to take on their toughest challenges by channeling will power and ignoring the opinions and doubts of others

Every aspect of the campaign is optimized for digital consumption and success: video, sharing, liking, and strong visuals and message. Let’s explore some of their social media platforms.


The ad was uploaded to Under Armour’s YouTube account on July 30 2014. As of today ( Nov 30/2016) it has 10,688,144 views! This is a powerful video that inspires not only woman but little girls to follow their dreams. I went through some of the comments you’ll want to see this.


The ad ends with the tagline and the link to the website/online community. They also shared this video on their other social media platform and from there it went VIRAL!



Their website is an online community where the audience can follow other users (including Copeland and other famous female athletes), update fitness statuses, goals, aspirations, inspirations, a interact, and share their progress.

They are definitely keeping the message consistent #IWillWhatIWant and they have created an entire community to help you achieve it.


Messages and post It feels authentic and not forced. It’s not only about selling their merchandise. They celebrate their brand, remember it’s about telling a story… visuals that enhance the message and reinforce it. Look at this!



I’m not a fitness fan, but post like this one’s really inspires me to be a strong woman and do what I want! #IwillwhatIwant. They just gain 1 follower. I guess today is a special day too.

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