An inspiring lifestyle brand

By Iliana Arriaga.


I don’t remember the day that I discovered Tentree. However, I can recall the joy, what I felt when I saw its images on Instagram. I opened my jaw in amazement and thought: “Wooo! This is so beautiful!” Pictures of stunning mountains, lakes, beaches, and a girl standing in front of those wonderful scenarios caught my attention. I felt so inspired that I looked at the brand description.

In the about section I read: “Ten trees are planted for every item purchased. @treeplanters for more planting. Info: over 9,700,000 trees planted.” The words: “trees” and “planted” made me fall in love with the brand. On one of the episodes of the Marketing Companion Podcast,  Mark Shaefer talks with his co-host Tom Wester, about how some words inspired them to be better persons. I understood what they meant. Some words speak directly to you.

Tentree is a lifestyle apparel company based out of Saskatchewan, Canada, that plants ten trees for every item purchased. What I found fascinating, is how their business model is perfectly aligned with their brand strategy. They don’t just sell quality clothes, they give people the opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment and communities worldwide, by inspiring them to get out of urban activities to connect with nature.


In the year 2012, Tentree in partnership with The Canadian Wildlife Federation, launched #Inspire. A marketing campaign of a series of Youtube videos that invite young adults to explore nature, do outdoor sports, wear the clothes, and feel proud about the amazing beauty of their country and the natural world they live in.  

The teaser for #Inspire got more than 30,000 views in just a few days.  Some of the keywords on the message are: inspire, positive impact, ten trees at a time. The video ends with a call to action: What inspires you? The phrase incited the audience to share the video with personal stories on the social networks.

The other videos of the series, tell the story about how some outdoor sport professionals have overcome their fears and jump out of the comfort zone to do what they love. You can watch them on Youtube.

The campaign keeps running on all Tentree platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, blog and web. Everyday, each piece of content inspires the audience to be responsible with the natural environment and to buy Tentree’s apparel to plant more trees.

After my research, I feel inspired too. I want to buy their clothes and accessories because I know that I can log into my Tentree’s account and  keep track of the trees that are planted by the community.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.41.00 PM.png

I feel inspired by its wonderful images and engaging digital content. I feel inspired by the stories that its community share on the Tentree’s social media platforms. I feel inspired by the: branding, vision, and company’s philosophy. What inspires you?

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