A Successful Digital Campaign – Pumps & Pearls Event at Le Château


A campaign for a great cause in support of the West Island Women’s Shelter (WIWS). A successful event (Pumps & Pearls) which raised $30,000 to donate to the women in need in Montreal. Le Chateau donates 10% of all ladies’ footwear on Nov. 17th and of all the ladies’ footwear sales from Nov. 25 – Dec. 6th from the Le Château CF Fairview Pointe-Claire store.

Has it been a successful campaign? Yes. Why? Because they have been able to sell more than 2000 pairs of shoes on a single day at a single store. How? A very well communicated digital and media campaign.

What is the factor behind their successful digital campaign? It is difficult to pinpoint only one particular factor. They have used many different channels both digital and media to be able to boost up the sales for their fundraising purpose. A very well planning, targeting, and timing should also be mentioned as critical factors to their success.

Being multichannel and consistent through all channels have made their event a victory. They shared

  1. Many posts on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lechateaustyle/photos/a.145816520854.125763.21448925854/10153840511770855/?type=3&theater
  2. Lots of tweets on twitter https://twitter.com/LeChateauStyle
  3. A very great story coverage on Le Château Blog http://blog.lechateau.com with the post view of almost 4000
  4. Other blog sources such as West Island Blog http://www.westislandblog.com/shop-for-pumps-and-pearls-heck-yes
  5. A great TV media coverage at Global News http://globalnews.ca/news/3063272/this-week-on-focus-montreal-nov-12/
  6. Media coverage in the Suburban; Quebec’s Largest English Weekly Newspaper http://thesuburban.com/news/west_island_news/west-island-women-s-shelter-launches-campaign/article_2337020b-eb63-5c1a-84db-676b502183a4.html
  7. Media and Public Relation coverage from beneficiary sources for instance West Island Women’s Shelter (WIWS).

All these sources are greatly integrated to share a story, to announce an event, to call to action for a great cause and in general to create a successful digital campaign. You can find top digital campaign stories at https://www.businessesgrow.com/?s=digital+campaign written by Mark Shaefer in which important factors contributing to successful campaigns are very well demonstrated.

The other factors which are important to be mentioned would be: Great, consistent and influential content in all channels; targeted audience (Women who love shopping and who love to support each other); timing of campaign (New Season and new year during which many people are willing to buy and spend money) and emotional factors (like “Let’s stomp out the violence” and “supporting the women of your city who are in need”).

“86% of senior-level marketers agree that it’s important to create a cohesive customer journey across all touchpoints and channels.” The Sate of Marketing Leadership, Salesforce. http://www.sparcmedia.com/blog-au/running-a-successful-digital-marketing-campaign.

I think Le Château Team of Marketing and Social Media have been greatly successful in creating that cohesive journey for their customers.



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