Sick Kids for the Win!

by Lara Joubert

Have you ever witnessed a young one spending Christmas in the hospital in urgent care? Many families experience this situation every year.  I wanted to write about a non-profit organization that is of value to me since my youngest sister spent the first few years of her life at the hospital. One day wanting to have children of my own, I have growing sympathy for foundations that deal with ill kids, one being The Sick Kids Foundation. It’s time to talk about a worthy cause – not just one that’s there to make money.

From what I gather on the Internet, Sick Kids is Canada’s leading charity for kids and is pretty well known. I have to admit that through my research on Sick Kids, I have fell in love with the foundation. I am so inspired by their most recent campaign due to the use of powerful words… The words cancer, missing childhood, infantile mortality, autism and many more are plastered across Canada and they are impossible to ignore.


Their new campaign, VS, is bringing a level of healthcare to as many children as possible at home and around the globe. To me, this is an effective campaign because all the information is out there within one click of a button, there is high visibility and the images are thought provoking enough for you to click on the website, find out all about Fund the Fight and actually donate. The statistics are readily available for people and they are told exactly what will be done with their money. Not only are the images very eye grabbing, but the text really makes you think.


The kids act in a four-part commercials and are portrayed as warriors. Not as victims, but as fighters. They are redefining what it means to be sick – showing how tough these children are despite their illness. The advertisements are inspired by fight scenes from Rocky and Braveheart. They are taking the label “sick” and turning it into a powerful thing. Their ads feature the slogans “sick isn’t weak,” “sick fights back” and “VS worry” “VS autism” “VS infant mortality,” because everyone is fighting for something. The very powerful words used evoke a lot of emotion.

I think this was a cause worthy to write about, since according to CBC, it is the largest fundraising initiatives in history and one of the largest campaign done in the healthcare sector. I’m all for supporting this.

To my fellow McGill CBUSers, I look forward to sharing more social media insight on the VS campaign through my presentation. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check it out here and click play below to view one my favourite advertisements. I encourage you to donate if you are as moved as I am! 🙂




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