How P&G thanks moms

 By Marc Teboul


Behind every Olympic athlete is the loving support of a dedicated parent. That is exactly what P&G ad campaign celebrates in its videos. This is a very touching and emotional video campaign that the consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble offered for Mother’s Day this year. Nothing more powerful than directly watching the video:


A Powerful story

The video takes you in the athlete’s memory, where mom was there to protect them. P&G celebrates mums all around the world. This is the perfect example of a strong and powerful storytelling campaign. Bernadette Jiwa couldn’t agree more. Founder of the blog, B. Jiwa identifies the art of telling stories your customers want to hear as the biggest challenge that entrepreneur, business owner or global brand such as P&G have to face. In this campaign, P&G perfectly understand its customers, mums which potentially represent 50% of the world population (ie: 3.7 billion potential customers).


A 360 strategy

This campaign is based on one star video. Youtube sounds like the natural place for this content to live. This is the case but not only. P&G has developed a 360 strategy to give all the chance to this powerful content to reach its potential target. This includes a digital re-targeting campaign, links from its e-commerce platforms, a TV sponsorship with the world biggest event : the Olympics, sponsored campaigns on social media…



A multi-social media platform strategy


Youtube: this is where the content had the biggest success. Indeed this is exactly where all the other plateform where driving you back. It worked. 22,000,000 views YTD. This is one of the most viewed ad campaign on Youtube.

Explore the Youtube channel here


Website: P&G has developed a hub page dedicated to its “Thank You Mum” campaign. This is  directly hosted on its official website You can find a vary diversify content in addition to its video campaign. It offers editorial content, portraits, behind the scenes of the video, in-depth article about the Olympics athletes…

Find the website here


Facebook: This is the major weakness of P&G campaign. The content developed for Facebook is poor, images are low res and it looked like this is only re-used content from other platforms. I feel this is a real mistake considering that P&G is developing amazing content for its website. So why not promoting this great, unique and powerful content on its Facebook page?

Check the Facebook page here



The power of the campaign is that it is not product focused. It is an inspirational content that will indirectly but surely drive customers to choose P&G in their buying journey. P&G declares that $100 million in incremental sales has been generated in the US from this campaign and Olympic sponsorship. Well done…


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