TOMS #withoutshoes Campaign By Hala Abouelseoud

By Hala Abouelseoud


TOMS, a well renowned shoe company, launched an extremely creative and engaging campaign back in May 2015. The campaign urged people to go barefoot for one day and post a picture of their bare feet on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the #withoutshoes hashtag. In return, for every photo posted using this hashtag, TOMS would donate a pair of shoes to a child in need anywhere in the world.

The brand connected with their audience in a way that was appealing for more people to join in and vote. Not only were they connecting and gaining new audiences, they were creating brand awareness to an important cause. Bernadette Jiwa says the following statement:

One reason we market to customers, beyond our desire to create brand awareness, is to communicate how and why our products are different and better than those of the competition. Of course, how products are created and experiences are designed can be differentiators. But we sometimes overlook opportunities to differentiate and add value—especially when it comes to our marketing tactics”

 I felt that this really tied in with the TOMS Without Shoes Campaign because they differentiated themselves from their competitor by distinctly showing that they support a greater cause than their own shoe brand. They proved to their consumers and to the world (those who saw the campaign), that they not only care about selling shoes, they care about giving shoes to those who are in need.

TOMS used all the right strategies we spoke about in class. Their twitter account showed us that they replied to most of the tweets sent out to them, listened to consumers, and used the hashtag all along. For their website, it was very easy to read and pleasing to the eye. I felt that I wanted to scroll down with each line I read and they had a clear call to action. For their Facebook account, they showed behind the scenes photos and told a story with every photo shared and posted. As for their Instagram account, which was the main platform they used, I felt like they were clear perfection. Every photo was extremely artistic, some people posted a photo of their dog’s bare feet and their own, as shown below, people took it to the next level.

The campaign, to me, was extremely effective because their content was very strong and their message was clear. It was a simple photo, that would go such a long way. They displayed the cause very simply and very easily made the consumer want to contri


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