How to survive being a Marketing professional.


Written by Patricia Olszewska

I’ve chosen Mark Schaefer’s blog called ‘’businessesgrow’’ since the three points stated in the blog’s description – he writes about Marketing, Strategy and Humanity – are my own professional points of interest. I love what the science of marketing is about (from the very theoretical point of view), I’m very curious about businesses overall strategies and especially Marketing approaches and I appreciate when companies act in a human way. Mark’s blogs talk to me directly. They represent my everyday struggle in the Marketing beautifully dirty world. They show the way it is done in a real world with no embellishments.

The very last article states that Marketing professionals might b bitchy. Why would they be like that? It’s such a creative profession with so many interesting options to discover! Nobody is aware that marketers work on average more than non-marketing colleagues. I generally don’t, but sometimes I do if a particular topic is close to my heart.

After answering e-mails and participating in meetings marketers are left only 38% of their working time for other things (and there is a lot of other projects to participate in or ‘’simply’ to create). 62% of marketers say that all these meetings are a waste of time. Fortunately, I don’t take part in many meetings but I do have tons of e-mail to exchange every day. A great part of them should not even be directly addressed to me but I still receive them and answer, trying to find the right key person before interacting with the e-mail sender.

Marketers also acknowledge that there are too many oversights. E-mails, but not only, are invading us. Big projects missing numerous details. However, without these ‘’meaningless’’ elements, the projects could not be accomplished successfully. These are often subjects which should be other departments’ issues – Production, Sales, R&D and even Accounting but surprisingly they often find their way to the Marketing department.

Situations like these very often create conflicts which are one of the most important reasons why marketers are perceived as bitchy.

Marketers don’t appreciate working with noisy co-workers. They simply need to concentrate. And it’s not about not making mistakes, it’s about creating new solutions so their minds need quiet atmosphere from time to time or even more often than just from time to time.

Marketers are asked to measure things that are hardly measurable, to embrace organizational changes first because often they are the source of these changes. Marketers have to hurry to understand new challenges of the industry – trends, technology, consumers’ behaviors changes. And it’s stressful which causes some marketers act in a bitchy way.

I like Mark’s Schaefer’S blog since he talks straight to me to my conscience about my everyday experience, fears, expectations and struggles. He gives me useful information written in an easy way, interesting tips how to improve my professional day, pieces of advice how not to sink in all this avalanche of messages, new technologies and everybody’s wishes concerning my professional behavior.


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