Why? Because I could win!

By Lesmy Perez

Ford was about to release the new 2011 Ford Fiesta Move and launched a social media contest. JWT was the agency behind the first “online only” marketing campaign ever made in my country. Anyone could send a video to be selected as one of 10 agents of the Fiesta Movement (Movida Fiesta). Your video had to show why you should be chosen and you had to be active on social media. I asked for help from my Twitter friends and they joined me on a Friday night to do some brainstorming and by the next morning we were recording the video that got me selected.

My secret weapon was the power of getting people to engage. My friends showed up because we supported each others’ projects and shared them. We used to have blogs and podcasts and when Twitter was launched we found a new audience. Having this background on social media helped me to promote and win the car. This was by far the most exciting experience I’ve ever had in my life. For six weeks we were making video challenges, posting them on YouTube, and promoting them on social media. We also needed votes, a lot of votes! The voting platform was Facebook and it only allowed users to vote once every 24 hours.

It wasn’t easy to keep up with making 2 videos per week, going to interviews, and getting home to edit the videos ourselves. But nothing was harder than finding a million different ways to ask for the same thing every day: PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR VOTE! Because why would they? They’re not going to get anything out of it. The car was for me, not them. But we were a community and we supported each other and all I needed it was to get new people to listen and engage, Right? If only it were so easy! Even my closest friends were getting tired of me reminding them to vote for 42 days in a row.

This experience made me understand the other side of social media. The one where you’re the producer of content and not just a consumer. Creating content based on WHY. Why you should give me your vote. Why me and not the guy who was funnier? Or the one who made the most professional videos? Or the charismatic guy that everyone loved? Why should I vote at all?…

After 6 weeks I ended up in first place with more that 10 000 votes and my Facebook page got more than 1000 likes. But it was only 50% of the evaluation. The other 50% was evaluated by Fords Motors and JWT and the content we created needed to be according to the standards of their respective brand.

Now I’m trying to find my new Why. Why am I pursuing a Marketing career even though I’m struggling with the language barrier and the cultural differences? Why should I? Why do I want this?. This is why I chose Simon Sinek as my blogger. Because I do believe that all should start with a Why?



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