This blog is written by Sam Puma

I decided two things one that I will just start writing and then edit later, much later.


Which blogger to choose? I must share with you all fellow classmates and Scott, that it was not difficult.


Well, Scott led me right to him during our first class – the man who speaks of the Why!

Simon Sinek is my choice. I did not have to do any deep analyses on the four bloggers. I decided to focus on a subject that resonates with my soul.


Life is Why! Why is life! Passion! Joy! Finding and pursuing your Why is what makes our lives full of meaning. WHY gives us the reason to continue when the challenges of learning new things stretch us into zones of discomfort.


The Why, the dream, peace, and joy are all relevant and essential for the ultimate life. I believe when we listen to ourselves and are still, we will know what is next in our lives.


Simon Sinek is an unshakeable optimist who believes in a bright future that can be built together.


Simon’s book, Start With Why,  in its title alone stirs a desire to want to know more about this man.

In fact, connecting with Simon was a natural reaction for me.


Simon imagines a world where people wake up every day inspired to go to work, feeling safe there, and return home fulfilled with satisfaction and with a deep sense that they made a difference and had a purpose greater than themselves.


Knowing that Simon is from New York, a visionary, a writer, an intellect, brings a clear image to my mind of Simon sitting in a Starbucks, looking out of the majestic windows and gazing to the grand boulevard and writing.


Simon’s message resonates with the deepest principle in human nature which is the craving to be appreciated.


He is described as “a visionary thinker with a are intellect.”

Simon teaches leaders and organizations how to inspire people.


Making a difference in the world. He has devoted his life to sharing his thinking in other to help other leaders and inspire action.


Sharing ideas that are actionable and then getting in the journey with them, to lead by example, is to be a true leader.


Simon share his optimism with all who will listen.


I am fully engaged on the vision Simon has.

Life is beautiful!


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