The Why and the What

By Lara Hamelin

“What if, instead of spending all that time and money on deciding how to tell customers who we are, we spent more time and money on being who they want us to be?”

Bernadette Jiwa, Marketing: A Love Story: How to Matter to Your Customers

When faced with any decision I usually take a while to make up my mind, but choosing a blog author to write about was no contest. I immediately resonated with Bernadette Jiwa’s blog content and her personal brand. While reading her blog – The Story of Telling – Bernadette opened my eyes to various topics in marketing and digital communications that I have never heard about before. Just to name a few:

  • The Fortune Cookie Principle
  • The Five-Step Brand Story Framework
  • Permission Marketing
  • Responsive Marketing

After my first class of McGill’s CBUS #111 I was reflecting upon the realization of just how critical it is for brands to project a clear why when connecting with consumers. I am three classes deep and I’ll be honest I don’t feel at all ready to be writing digital content that projects the why factor. My undergraduate degree in business never focused on the why but more on the outcomes of marketing – making money. The idea of brand storytelling is unfamiliar to me – but I am eager to learn!



Bernadette takes the role of brand storyteller to new heights. While skimming through her blog I was inspired by her short and insightful posts. One piece that really stood out to me was What’s Your Customer’s Value Story. This blog post emphasizes that the most successful brands in the world truly understand what consumers want. These companies have unlocked the secret to exactly what is valuable to customers instead of guessing. I look forward to reading the entirety of Bernadette’s blog slowly but surely. Maybe I’ll even get one of her books for Christmas!

I truly believe that a lot of Bernadette’s ideas can have an impact on my professional career. Currently I work in a sales position. She does have posts that are pertinent to sales in particular. After all sales and marketing typically go hand in hand. However I have aspirations to start my own business someday. The way Bernadette presents the information in her blog – concise and meaningful – is a clear indication that she is a leader in the digital marketing industry. I will leave you all with Bernadette’s presentation from TEDxPerth 2012. This video is a main reason why I chose her as my blog author. I dare you all not to feel inspired!



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