Tell me your story



by Marc Teboul

It did not take me too long to pick Bernadette Jiwa as my official blogger to follow throughout the course. It only took 2 seconds to download her page. That was a good start. A friendly, colorful and cute logo welcomes you right away on her blog: the STORY of TELLING. Enough for me to scroll down. I start reading the first blogpost: “The Upside Of Ignoring Your Competition”. I already like it. Her post’s introduction is a reference to the drama series Breaking Bad. I am sold. I was now sure she will be my focus blogger for this Content Creation class. Let me tell you how my choice was confirmed the more I explored her blog.

First of all, yes visual appeal is important. It might sound at first superficial but the aesthetic of a blog is key to catch the reader’s attention, and let’s admit it:  my attention. The branding of her blogpost is clear, cute and efficient. You know that you will learn about the art of storytelling without having any headache. It looks like it reflects well the personality of the founder. The few info that that this Australian blogger gives you in her section “About” is reassuring.

After reading the name of the website, it was no surprise that her blog is all about storytelling. How important is it to a marketer’s success. The most successful brand make you believe. Believe in their brand, in their value, in their vision. They not only sale a product they sell you a story, and Bernadette Jiwa clearly helps us to make a difference when it comes to storytelling.

The single most important thing that Bernadette Jiwa wants to communicate on her blog is the importance of the storytelling and how it can help a business to connect with its potential consumers. This is clearly the main reason why a marketer will follow her and carefully read each of her blogpost. The author knows very well her audience. She know that she is not writing for consumers but clearly for marketer and she perfectly adapts her style, format and platform. is a clear and natural choice for me, and i am already looking forward Bernadette’s next post.

One thought on “Tell me your story

  1. I totally agree Marc! Bernadette Jiwa’s storytelling brand practice holds true with so many of the successful brands today. It is a technique which is inspirational and so appropriate in today’s social WEdia.

    Rosanna Perri, a fellow classmate.


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