by Louise Lafleur

Whether it is a blog or a website, it does not matter to me. Count me out if navigation is complicated, or if it is difficult to understand. Get me where I need to be, and fast! You can blame it on my immense impatience. Whether good or bad, right or wrong, it is my reality. The only blog I loved, amongst the four we were given, was Mark Schaefer’s.

His blog looked like a blog, and it felt like a blog. Within a few seconds, I could understand the mechanics of his page. I liked that it was super easy to zoom in to the different posts. The “Batman, Pokémon, and an Essential Lesson from the Heart of Marketing” post immediately caught my attention. I was attracted to it both because I liked the graphics (it reminded me of my own foundation’s superhero theme), and because I was eager to learn more about the kooky Pokémon rage. I enjoyed the article and it inspired me to search for other related articles. I quickly noticed, interestingly, that there seemed to be a recurring theme in many of the articles written about the Pokémon craze –a nostalgic feeling for simple days of youth. In his blog, Mark reminisces about his first true hero, Batman. In another article “I caught every Pokémon and it only took most of my Life” (ref.: Polygon, Matthew Sullivan, August 21, 2014), the author also refers fondly to his childhood.

What did I make of the other bloggers? I enjoyed one of Bernadette Jiwa’s post (“Carpet Cleaning”), however I could not get past the fact her blog did not feel like a blog. Her graphics were pretty, but it was not easy to see all her posts at a glance. You had to scroll, and scroll, and scroll some more to get to the other articles. I felt Simon Sinek’s site was confusing, and it seemed to contain as many posts by David Mead as his own. On the other hand, I found it easy to navigate on Jeff Goin’s blog, but, when I selected a post and tried to read it, I was re-directed to a Pod Cast (which annoyed me). I’m sure this has happened to others as well. I became even more frustrated when I gave Goin’s site another attempt by trying to read the article“Why even Cats need to become better Writers”,  just to discover it was written by someone else!

Maybe I missed out on amazing content because I did not give the other blogs the chance they deserved. Perhaps I am too harsh, but I feel a writer must make their blog simple and easy to navigate for the reader. Otherwise, he or she does not deserve my attention.

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