Looks Like We All Have A Story To Tell

By : Joanne Dorcé

That’s what they say. We all have something to share with the world. In a society were information is everywhere, content is king, brands and companies are fighting for our attention. We’re all looking to be entertained either by keeping up with a Kardashian or by following reality stars while they extend their 15 minutes of fame into politics. One thing is for sure; brands now understand that to stay relevant, it takes way more then traditional advertising. Traditions and conventional don’t sell products and services anymore. Stories do.

Growing up, my 4th grade teacher asked the class what we wanted to be when we grow up. One by one, my fellow classmates answered: police officers, hairdressers and doctors. When it was time for me to share, I proudly said that I wanted to be a writer. I’ve always had a crush on words and could spend hours reading books from the library. And later on, when I decided to switch my major from law to marketing communication, I thought that I was finally going to follow my dreams and combine my two passions.

Turns out that I don’t know what to write about. We’ve all been there: face-to-face with a blank page, unable to put into words our feelings, thoughts. Or trying to tell our friends and family a story about what we did last night but the words are fighting together in our mind and we can’t seem to form a proper sentence. When you follow brands on social media or watch their ads on TV, the sentiment is similar. It seems like brands are now all over the place and it has become quite difficult to figure what they are trying to say. The reality is, internally, brands are leaving in chaos. I had the chance to work for a few brands and when it comes time to plan and strategies communication, the truth is, we operate in an chaotic environment. We are not taking the time anymore.

Turns out that I don’t know what to share either. I had the chance to write for a few digital publications a few years back, while still in university and now that I get paid to communicate and help brands facilitate their exchanges with their target audience, it doesn’t come that easy to me anymore. Am I getting influence by the chaotic environment where everything goes extremely fast?  In order to facilitate storytelling and connect with an audience, one needs to understand the story that the people want to ear. You can’t change your audience’s attitude without changing their intimate feelings or even state of mind. With her blog and work in the field, Bernadette Jiwa helps marketers find sense of it all and use storytelling as a way to build lasting relationships with their target audiences.

We’ve all got a story to tell. Even the brands we interact with everyday, but especially our personal brand. Hopefully, Jiwa’s guidance and good practices will help me share mine.




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