It’s all about content interaction


By Iliana Arriaga

When Steve Jobs developed the first Macintosh (1984) he changed the way people used to interact with any electronic appliance. Before the personal computer was born, users weren’t able to feel any connection with a device, but with the Mac was different. Its user friendly software, the interactive voice, stunning graphics and fonts, allowed people to fall in love with the concept of user experience design.

An article becomes something valuable, when your eyes stop moving quickly from left to right, scanning the words in an automatic mode, because its content have grabbed your attention with its text, sounds and images. The desire of learning more about the author’s story, or topic of expertise, it’s what centers you in the present moment, wanting to explore the reading without thinking about the length of the post. This is what happened to me, when I discovered Mark Schaefer’s content.

Mark Schaefer is an internationally-acclaimed educator, keynote speaker, author of several books, and social media marketing consultant. He is the founder of  the Grow Your Business platform and the producer and co-host of The Marketing Companion podcast. What makes him unique is the tone and the voice he uses to communicate with his audience. I found his content,  engaging, concise, and compelling, because it feels like his content is talking to me.

Seven new content forms rocking the marketing airwaves, is one of the articles I’ve enjoyed the most. In his post he invites the audience to discover new ways of content creation, based on user experience design, that are capturing the attention of the reader through storytelling techniques and human interaction, just like Steve Jobs did with the creation of the first personal computer!

Some of the ideas are:

And I would add to the list:

What about you?  How do you think we can improve the user experience design of our pieces of content creation to connect with our audience?

Please leave a comment below, I’ll love to read your thoughts.


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