I Found a Gem


By Vicky Paola Galofre

Let me make a confession: I’ve never been a blog reader fan.

Today is a special day, for the first time I subscribed to a blog. As a marketing specialist, I felt the need to be more involved and explore a bit more about this mysterious blogging world, plus I have to admit that it was part of my Mcgill content creation class assignment. After looking at several bloggers and almost giving up, finally there was one site that caught my attention. It was beautifully designed, modern and simple.  The blog site was called “The Story of Telling” by Bernadette Jiwa.

I started reading her latest post and what happened next? It was hard for me to stop scrolling down. Let me clarify, this is not usually the case when it comes to reading. I considered myself to be more right brain when it comes to reading for pleasure. I loved the way posts are written. One important thing for me LENGTH; they were short, concise and to the point.


I did a little digging on Bernadette Jiwa, I wanted to know if we share some things in common. I learned that  she is a business author who leads organizational change around marketing and brand story. I felt in love right away .  All her knowledge is reflected in every post, with the same clarity and brevity that describes her. The way she writes remind me of fables, short stories that I use to read when I was a little girl that at the end  conveyed a lesson.

When you arrive to Bernadette Jiwa blog page, you are there to be told a story. And in the process, be inspired to take action in the marketing field. She specializes in helping businesses find their story. She says, “If you don’t have a story you are just another commodity.” That’s when I started thinking about the stories my brand could tell. I know telling stories might seem like a childish pursuit, but it definitely works and after reading a couple of her post, believe me that it will make a lot more sense, check it out by yourself.

In this fast passed world, time for me and I guess for many of us is a precious treasure. Finding a blog that could not only entertain me, inspire me, teach me something, but also that gives me some food for thought is truly a gem that I was lucky to find.

Today is a special day, I subscribed to my first blog. I’m looking forward to receive in my email  another piece of this gem.

2 thoughts on “I Found a Gem

  1. Great post! I fell like you really captured the essence and the strengths of Bernadette’s blog. Your opening and closing were very strong, with a nicely flowing text in the middle. It was a pleasure to read.


  2. Emma Vargas

    Hey Vicky! Loved your article. I can see why you liked this blogger so much and I can agree with what you said. I’m not that much of a reader but I love texts that are clear and consiced like yours and the ones your read. Awesome work!


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