Hoping to grow

by Louise Chagnon-Bucheit


Like so many others who are taking McGill’s Certificate in Digital Content and Community Management, I’m hoping to make myself more relevant in today’s job market, develop new skills and make interesting connections. In a nutshell I’m looking to grow! Figuratively, of course. At 6ft tall I’m not looking to get any taller!

After browsing through the blog options Scott gave us, I immediately gravitated to the Mark Schaefer’s blog {Grow}. It resonated with me not only in title but also in content. I’m a very left brain type of person and I like clear, concise information without too much fluff. Give me lists, quotes, real-world examples of best practices and I’m in heaven. This blog does all of that while covering a variety of marketing and communications topics. In just the last four posts, topics have gone from how to be a more empathetic marketer in an automated data driven world to a list of 25 ways to find time to create content. Click on the categories search bar and you’ll find an exhaustive list of subjects which allow you to head directly to postings that are of most interest to you. They even have Snapchat as a stand-alone category. I’m hoping that if I read all posts related to this topic I might finally understand the hype and how to harness it!

{Grow} also offers a variety of writing styles and perspectives as not all the blogs are written by Mark Schaefer. In addition to Mark’s thoughts and ideas, blog posts are written by contributing columnists as well as {Grow} community members. Who knows, maybe someday, something I’ve written will be {Grow} worthy!

But what is most compelling about {Grow} is how it looks at technology and social media usages from many perspectives. In my post-US elections state of shock, I really appreciated Mark Schaefer’s last post “Social media, technology and dirty politics”. It didn’t give me much comfort with respect to yesterday’s outcome but it did explain to me how technology had changed the political landscape and what its effect has been on the voting population. Food for discussion which will surely nourish my growth.


2 thoughts on “Hoping to grow

  1. Mina

    Hi Lousie! like yourself I’m a [somewhat] left brain-er and I too was immediately drawn to Grow blog. It’s funny you’ve made similar points to my post, only nicer, neater and funnier :))


  2. Great job Louise! After reading your post I totally understood just how Mark Schaefer’s blog resonated with you. I can also relate that I am utilizing this McGill certificate to better my position in the dynamic job market. – Lara Hamelin


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