Finding my community

By Christine Akl.

As I was scrolling through the list of bloggers that I had to pick from for my content creation CBUS111 class assignment, one in particular caught my eye: Jeff Goins.

I have always been a right brain type of person and what struck me the most in Jeff’s description of topics is the word creativity. As I started to read his blog, something he said when describing himself made my choice crystal clear: “Here is where we wage war on the blank page, where we band together to discover our purpose and our art, where we find our true voices. If you have a passion for creativity and changing the world, this is the place for you.”

paint-72dpi copy.jpg

10423708_891876497500260_7254790466309801413_nJeff Goins is the author of four books including the national best seller, The Art of Work. On his blog, he shares his reflections on writing and life. He talks about creative professionals and how to pursue a passion without burning yourself out.
These topics struck a chord with me because I started my career as a designer and I do consider myself both an artist and a creative professional first. I’m going to be honest here, I had never really had any interest in blogging before this class, but I was slowly but surely getting excited for this assignment – I had found someone who I related to, his articles were clear and to the point as well as inspiring.

As I was looking through his articles two in particular stood out: “The World Needs More Artists” and “You must Ship”.
The first article talks about why we need art and how crucial it is in our lives. It talks about the importance of quality in a world full of mediocre and how the world in longing for a change and for great art. The second article discussed people seeking perfection that is unobtainable, those that get held back “shipping” their products or developing their ideas… because they are unsure of their work and themselves. I think that everyone can relate to that feeling of uncertainty.


I found myself hanging on to every word. I could relate to so much of what was being said. And that is what blogging is all about, finding your community of people who are interested in the same content as you!
So what are you waiting for? Go and check out Jeff Goins’ blog and you will not be disappointed. One thing is certain; He now has one new subscriber .

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3 thoughts on “Finding my community

  1. Hello Christine,
    I read your blog and it was quite interesting. I like the way you first described yourself, then the author and his topics and writings afterward. It was crystal clear and to the point.
    Pegah Falinous


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