Exploring the Wide World and Your Inner One


By Claire Couzinie-Holmière

A full world of blogs

I have found the experience of exploring the world of the blogs amazing and puzzling at the same time. Indeed, I am surprised of the number of different kinds of blogs disseminated in the web, however, to quote a famous French saying: “À chacun sa chacune”, meaning, we need all kinds of people to make a world and you will find your perfect match. Actually, in this huge consumption of podcast, blogs, web information you can find the one mentor that inspires you and suits you.

Shop and be inspired

Or I would better say, depending on your mood you will have your two or three favorite blogs. If you are in a mood for getting more professionally knowledgeable in your marketing field for example, therefore you will privilege a blog where you could get more marketing content.

Or if you just need to relax and enjoy a moment you will then be reading about something related to one of your hobbies, or pretty much a passion of yours. Who can really claim that a passion and a job come together?

I am keenly interested in Mark Schaefer’s blog as he has some thorough input and experience on marketing. This is a way to learn more about some trends or just confirm what I already know. Namely, he states some interesting facts about the debate on the “marketing skills needed for career success today”. He seems to share the same ideas as Christopher Penn.

What is more, he is giving advice on ideas to “create content” for bloggers. Many marketers did make their brand blow up thanks to blogs, hence the thirst for knowing more about how to write an effective blog.

On the other hand, I love also Bernadette Jiwa’s blog that graphically appeals more to me, first because of her mindset for artistic layout and she wrote about feelings, more than thinking. She has a psychology style of voice, which rings a bell in my soul. She enjoins us to explore our deep inner motivations and I loved in particular the “Upside of Ignoring your competition” article.

Find your own brand: your inner motivation

We all intrinsically have the need to leave a trace of ourselves in the history; or just be helpful in the community, this is why some will dream of being a widely read and successful author, beginning by, why not, a blog, for our first foray.

I have not had the time to let this writing lie for a night, but you could reply as Molière said “Le temps ne fait rien à l’affaire”, a talented person will have it right at the first attempt, while others will have to work hard to get the same results.

Now, am I going to open my own blog?. I am still searching for what could be my contribution to this world to write a blog… I am passionate about people feelings and having a positive influence on them or helping them to better write in French?!

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