Does it really matter?

By: Emma Vargas

When we name the main factors to take into account when we think about our business it always seems so obvious and important to name our competition as one of them. We are always looking at what they are doing because we want to differentiate ourselves from them and be better than them.

However, until what point does our competition really matter?

I believe in businesses that have a clear and original idea when they build and sell their products. Companies, that know what they sell and why they sell it. This is why I can relate with Bernadette Jiwa’s blog – The Story of Telling – and her article “The upside of ignoring your competition”.

By giving a basic example of a real life situation she shows the importance of developing the purpose of the things we do. Companies that succeed and lead the market are often companies that have a clear idea of the purpose, not the outcome, they have. Companies that are focus on this don’t need to pay attention to what everyone else is doing because at the end of the day they are attached to the why, to the purpose and not to the outcome.


If we focus our energy on the outcome we attached ourselves to the future, we anticipate our actions to results that at the end of the day we are not sure we are even going to get. Instead, we should focus on the present time and develop strategies that support the reason why we do what we do, and that will in the future make the better outcome they can. Splitting our focus in different targets instead of just putting it all in one is distracting.

I can’t talk from the business perspective but I can definitely relate to this as a customer. Take for example Instagram, a platform that at the beginning was destined to give their users a place to upload photographs and share their moments on personal albums. It lost its way when it decided to include a “story” like snapchat has. They lost their focus because they based their future success on the competition and instead of improving what they had, they copied their competition.


Being too aware of your competition is distracting and can affect you. Of course is an important factor and you need to be aware of it but not until the point in which you start making your decisions based on what their actions.

One thought on “Does it really matter?

  1. Mina

    Hi Emma! You have a very interesting take on that article. In fact that article was the one that caught my on her blog too. very interesting message. I agree with you that maybe it wasn’t that cool of Instagram to imitate Snapchat’s competitive advantage. But only time will tell if Insta has lost its focus. They are still among the top social media apps with one of the highest number of active users.


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