The Why.

By Hala Abouelseoud

I am a huge fan of Storytelling. I have been writing short stories since I could remember. That is exactly why I chose Bernadette Jiwa. Her blogs explain useful tips on storytelling, and incorporates story telling in the use of marketing too.


She writes, in a way, to connect the marketer and the consumer with a meaningful story. The story serves to teach both the two ends: the marketer and the consumer. She writes to help brands give a clearer more concise message, so that the consumer is able to interpret the brand more easily.


I feel that her blogs help the consumer refine their brand message and help create a story out of the brand. She writes to be straight forward, truthful, and concise.


She writes in a Parachute way, which I also like because its straight to the point and I find it more interesting to read through. Through her thoughtful blogs, she transfers peoples passions to goals, and achieves their goals with her storytelling. I found it interesting that she can work with a lot of brands and come up with different stories for each one. This inspiration made me read more through her blog. As I continued reading I noticed the phrase “filter through the noise” and I realized that that is another reason she does what she does, and another reason why I chose her. She filters through the customers’ needs and wants, and chooses what they should actually need or want.


What struck me most was that she would talk about storytelling in a storytelling type of way. This writing technique made me read more through her blog, because I am originally very interested in storytelling. The way she blended marketing and storytelling was spectacular. I look forward to reading more of her blog.

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