6 Reasons to Follow {grow} If You Are in The Business of Growing!

By Mina Borhani

Marketing . Strategy . Humanity

Regardless of your profession or interests, there is a ton of content out there for you. But not every content deserves your precious time, right? Here is a worthy blog: {grow} by Mark Schaefer. If you are looking to grow your company, reputation, customers, impact, profits or most importantly grow yourself, this is the place for you!

And here are 6 reasons I choose to follow – better to say: to binge read – {grow}:

{1} Quality Content

There is so much wisdom behind each article. I always run a mile away from cheesy bloggers who produce content just for the sake of posting something and grabbing some attention. They are usually a waste of time, but not this one!


{2} Spot-On Topics

Each topic is so interesting and relevant that you can’t help but reading it. I mean, who doesn’t want to skim through “How do I find time to create content? 25 Ideas!”; or jump on “Why we create crap content: We’re afraid”; or doesn’t need to know “Seven Essential Mobile Apps for Marketers”; or doesn’t need a dose of laughter with brainy humorous take on marketing with {growtoons}, and the list goes on and on…


{3} Genuine Thought Leader

Mark is the real deal! If there are 5 marketing thought leaders to look up to, Mark Schaefer should be one of them. His resume speaks for itself: a faculty member at Rutgers University, author of five best-selling marketing books, holds seven patents, and his blog is among the top five business blogs of the world.

{4} Variety

The variety of categories is enormous. There are almost 100 categories and sub-categories listed on {grow}. From A to Y -Artificial Intelligence to YouTube & Video -there is something for everyone.

{5} The Second Sense: Hearing

If for any reason it is hard for you to follow written content (or reading, in general!), you need not to worry! Just take your dose in audio form with Marketing Companion Podcast co-hosted by Mark. The podcasts are “always fun, always interesting, and always on-target with insights and ideas that will turn up your marketing intellect to an ‘11’”.

{6} Pure Connection – Not Conversion

And last but not least, there is nothing pushy about this blog. Even though there are products and services offered to visitors, you never get pop up messages or annoying “lead magnets” trying to shove a FREE ‘something’ in exchange for your contact info.

That is actually my valuable takeaway: Pull vs. Push kind of marketing… When your content is brilliant, readers willingly and genuinely subscribe for utterly valuable insights without being bombarded by salesy emails.

Final word, see it for yourself! Just head on to {grow} and I promise you won’t regret it 😉


Illustration courtesy Flickr CC and MarkHeybo


6 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Follow {grow} If You Are in The Business of Growing!

    1. Mina

      Thank you so much Mark! Of course your blog doesn’t need any of our tributes and now I am left speechless and feel deeply honored:) I hope one day I could be a great blogger/marketer like yourself. Thanks for making my day!



  1. Hello Mina! I also chose Mark for many of the same reasons. He is practical and tactical. Jeff Goins interested me but turned me off because it seemed like half his posts were trying to get me to sign up for his writer’s class. I think we have all been introduced to a great resource that we will follow well beyond this fall. /Christina/

    Liked by 1 person

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