We all live in a Yellow… Hot Spanish Newsletter

By Sebastian Altmark


40 de Fiebre (40º of fever) is the only Newsletter I haven’t deleted from my inbox. Why? Well, it is a yellow, playful, funny and useful newsletter from Socialmood, a dynamic inbound marketing agency in Spain.  They know how to transform old marketing stories in new exciting experiences.

Ladies and gentlemen, check your temperature and be ready for the Yellow experience. Ole!


Design fever

Intuitive, cohesive and direct. 40 de Fiebre is an easy read. Its design, layout and content are skillfully displayed. But what appeals to me the most is its playfulness. Even when I am not really interested in the topic, I am eager to read more about the “10 social management horror stories” in their Halloween edition or “Love is in the blog” during last st.Valentine’s day.


First aid tools

At 40 de Fiebre they use the newsletter as if it were a social media platform.  It speaks directly to its  audience in a way that makes you feel you can respond in real time. It brings a sense of having a resource you can count on whenever a marketing emergency appears,  and not only will they give you the tools to save the day, but they will do it with a great sense of humour.

I am feverish

Yes, I am feverish because I got infected with this newsletter virus and I am contagious. For me, 40 de Fiebre is a spot on newsletter:

  • Addresses familiar customer situations and resolves them .
  • Showcases their expertise in a creative way.
  • Engages customers using playful resources.

Fever is often delirious, but this newsletter makes me sick in a very good way.


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