Write To Entice


By: Amany Radwan Osman

If I can get the information I need by clicking on one link life would be so much easier. I’m researching background material on the nuclear proliferation talks between Iran and the U.S . It is  a complicated issue and I need a clear and credible source to better educate me of the subject at hand.  I want material that speaks my own language; that of a political scientist having to submit a professional research paper to a reputable think tank institute. I’m looking for someone who is speaking directly to me, and who will lead me down a path I haven’t been  before.


The Quarterly Newsletter Of  The Cairo Review of Global Affairs
http://www.thecairoreview.com, published by the American University in Cairo is all that.  Scanning through the newsletter my heart almost skipped a beat. This newsletter knows exactly what I’m on the hunt for. This newsletter  is talking to me.  It  excites me for several reasons:

  • The Format is extremely well organized and clear that at a glance I knew that I will definitely click onto the website.
  • The Outline of the newsletter is flawless. Simple catchy sentences that stir my curiosity.
  • The Teasers used are clever. The Read click opens up a wealth of information . The political scientist in me had hit the jackpot. That read click leads me to articles on the subject by brilliant scholars, websites, research papers and books.

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs is an outstanding newsletter. In this multimedia world we exist in the amount of information out there is staggering and can actually be counterproductive. There is so much information that needs to be scanned on all channels of different media that it can in fact be detrimental to my time. It is such a relief  to find the newsletter that does not zap your energy or exasperate you. A newsletter that offers you the leads that will urge you to continue consuming it and savouring its content is priceless.



The Newsletter of the Cairo Review worked brilliantly for me. It was my one stop shop where I window-shopped effortlessly and effectively. It was my point of back reference that  I resorted to when I lost focus on what I was initially looking for. The clarity of the written content gave me peace of mind and immediate confidence that the websites that are linked to the newsletter would provide me with all the material I was looking for. I found my goldmine.



2 thoughts on “Write To Entice

  1. Amany, every time you write you pull me into a new adventure. I feel like all your articles are the beginning of a new story! The headline and the image are a match made in heaven – I had to read your article once I saw them. There was nothing more true than this saying to me. Good summary at the end of why this newsletter is a one-stop-shop for you. – Matylda

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