That Newsletter Made Me Feel Special

By: Laetitia Cany

Receiving a newsletter in my email inbox usually triggers an unhappy reaction. The first question that comes to my mind is: “is this advertising or will I learn something new today?” That was until I received the PwC Alumni Newsletter.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.18.08 PM.png

VIP treatment

As I started reading the newsletter with “a welcome note from Bill McFarland”, PwC Canada’s CEO, it was clear that I was considered to be someone special and that PwC and I would find mutual interests in staying in touch. If the first sentence of this message is about PwC’s news, “you” comes right next. The writing style and the multiple invitations reminded me that I was still part of the firm’s network. That felt special.

Storytelling works every time

This newsletter covers the following topics:

  • Editor’s pick
  • National news
  • Thought leadership (publications)
  • Upcoming events
  • Regional news

Classical? Indeed and it is consistent with the voice of the brand, but it is efficient when you look at the choice of content.

PwC’s newsletter succeeds in telling stories: their PwC stories as they showcase the success of their experts and staff and our Alumni stories. Take a look at the inspiring story of Nora Wu, PwC’s Global Human Capital Leader, the first Chinese woman ever reaching that position. I found it was telling me something I could use in my own career path.


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With that story, not only does PwC succeeds in providing me up-to-date information that I will use to run my business, but it also shows that PwC shines and is at the cutting edge of technology and innovation in the way they do business.

How PwC Canada is Reinventing Digital Sales & Marketing

Less is more

If I was asked to rewrite the newsletter I would:

  • Make it shorter or try a bimonthly version with less content;
  • Link it more systematically to PwC’s website, so as to push the purpose of the newsletter to its fullest;
  • Work on the general design to make it a bit more scannable.

Before you leave this page …

Check out “the fastest-growing email newsletters on the market”, TheSkimm, a daily e-mail newsletter “delivering news and information with a distinctive voice and format.” that gives you “everything you need to start your day”. Their tagline: “We read. You Skimm.”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.09.19 PM.png

What I like most is their scannable format and their writing style, especially when it comes to writing a headline. It perfectly fits with the voice of their brand, which is targeted at female millennials.








2 thoughts on “That Newsletter Made Me Feel Special

  1. Nina

    It looks like the content was inspiring. Especially since they featured an inside expert talking on TEDx! Also I like the copy of the Skimm – We Read You Skim. Definitely something that would pull me in 🙂


  2. Véronique Beaulieu-Fowler

    While I’ve never heard of a company calling past employees as alumni, I find it very thoughtful and inspiring.
    I love how you also mentionned the Skimm as one of your favorite newsletters! 🙂


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