Story of an e-newsletter relationship

by Aïda Michelle Lopes


I love

You know that moment when you fall in love with a site through its content, its layout and its name. That’s what happened between mydomaine and me: love at first sight. My first reaction wasn’t to read the content but to subscribe to the newsletter to make sure I wouldn’t forget about him.

I will admit, I still haven’t had the time to read an article on mydomaine but I get the latest in my inbox everyday. I love the content on the newsletter, it’s the same content that I fell in love for on the site but it’s too long.

Dating rule #1: Don’t give too much too soon

Don’t believe me?


Now I imagine scrolling through that while looking at your cellphone’s screen in a moving vehicle. That’s how I read my emails in the morning and I’m not the only one, 53% of emails are read on mobile.

That’s the first thing I would change: the length of the newsletter. I would cut it after 6 articles. Sharing the great content you have is good but leave a little room for mystery, geez.


Dating rule #2: Don’t send so many pictures

Another thing I would do is reduce the number of pictures. A lot of browsers block images to reduce spam risks. A picture-heavy newsletter has less chances of opening in its entirety and therefore of being read. A way to go around this is to use one image that’s linked to the home page of the site as opposed to linking each image to a different page. Nobody goes from their email to one page and back to their email in order to return to the site. What you want to do is get people to stay on your site for a long period of time, not leave and come back (or not).


Despite all of his faults, I still love mydomaine and he has been lucky to always catch me in a good mood so I haven’t felt the itch to unsubscribe yet. But I can imagine that not everyone feels that was about him and would move on to shorter and less data-consuming emails and I wouldn’t blame them.

You want your newsletter to be a quick and easy read, not a novel. Keep it short & sweet. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Story of an e-newsletter relationship

  1. Your dating analogy is gold! My Domaine has great content in this newsletter but it’s definitely a little too long and heavy on the images for scrolling through on your phone, although I’m thinking that on a laptop the use of images wouldn’t be such a bad thing. However, ignoring the experience of half the people who open the newsletter on their phones is just a bad idea.

    Great job! 🙂


  2. Véronique Beaulieu-Fowler

    As soon as I published my blog post, I saw this one below! I guess we both feel the same about our newsletter dates 😛 Loved reading your article, concise and informative. Great post!


  3. Robyn Clarke

    Hi Aïda,

    I too enjoyed your concept for this post. I scrolled through names and clicked on yours because I was curious – well done. I like that you committed the concept to the entire post as well. I completely agree with your assessment. If you are receiving that newsletter daily, then that’s a lot of content that will be missed, simply because no one has enough time to sift through so many items. Good work! It looks like a cool newsletter too, so thanks for the info!


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