Send Out E-Newsletters that Drive Engagment

Every effort counts when you speak to your consumer. Discover how you can drive messages to work harder for you.

By: Niña Vanesa Valino

In order to talk about E-Newsletters, I scrolled through my email inbox to see which E-Newsletters I actually kept. Being the type who swipes an email to trash immediately if either the title or content doesn’t interest me; those that survive in my inbox are usually ones that I find interesting.

Particularly, one that stood out was this email from Mayad Studios – a photo and video studio specializing in weddings.

Mayad cropped

Being Reeled In

I have to admit – I just melt when videos present things that come close to the matters of the heart. The e-newsletter featured a Father’s Day video at the top of the page, which comes to life with clips from Mayad’s clients showing raw and authentic emotions of sons and daughters with their Dads.

The text in the middle of the e-newsletter paints a picture of those precious roles that dads play at the event of their daughter’s/son’s wedding. The message is short and emotive, inviting readers to go back to the top and view the video (if not for a second time). After watching the video, it will leave you wanting for more, and before you know it – you’d be hitting that play button over and over again.


I like the overall look of their email – it is simple and straightforward. Nonetheless, as with all things in life, there’s always room for improvement, so here are my two cents:

  1. Engagement – I kept the email primarily because it had a nice message. However, it did not engage me to do anything after reading it. They can make their message work harder by encouraging the reader to share it to dads as a way of greeting for their special day.
  2. Call to Action – An addition of a button saying “Send Your Love to a Dad” could serve not only as a greeting or reminder, but also an invitation to share or forward the message in a convenient manner. A good example of this is Apple’s email during Mother’s Day:

Apple cropped

Making content engaging is half the battle. It’s just as relevant as finding a topic that is both informative and interesting. It would be like running a great product promotion but not telling people about it. Laying out content in the hopes that people would share them is no longer enough – content needs to be proactive and give readers what they (and incidentally you) want, in as fewer steps as possible.

This idea resounds with how Martin Belam described the newsletter, stating that “People are presented with so many decisions on the internet, every second, every minute, so anything you can do that reduces the number of decisions they have to take is going to be effective.”

4 thoughts on “Send Out E-Newsletters that Drive Engagment

  1. I completely agree with you… Videos added to a newsletter make an enormous difference. Very recently I read that a video included in any form of virtual communications increases the chances of engagement in almost 60%. Very well seen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nina

      Ah, great! Maybe because videos are more than the information nowadays; it’s a sort of entertainment too – edutainment perhaps? 🙂 Thanks!


    1. Nina

      Haha! Yeah, well I rarely see videos that can really pull out the tears from you. When I see them, it’s something that I remember 🙂

      Actually, at the back of my mind, I’m thinking – hmm let’s make Laetitia cry 🙂 – Joke!


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