Hydro Québec breaks the ice


By Bruno Pereira

E-Newsletters are an excellent way to keep in touch with your costumers, prospects, stakeholders, etc. But, doesn’t matter from which industry you belong to, you always have to connect with your audience in a straightforward way.

Hydro Québec provides is a necessary service we take: electricity. And very often, users don’t have a good relationship with the company, not mentioning the thousands complaints we can find on Internet. But once you have a contract with them, you’ll receive an e-Newsletter from from time to time. And believe me… it’s very well done! Keep reading if you want to understand what I’m talking about.

Electricity is part of our life. We cant live without it, but we hate paying for it. And someone has to do the hardworking to manage the communication team of Hydro Québec. Not an easy task, meaning it is extremely necessary. Since we keep receiving an e-bill every month in our inbox, it’s good to receive an e-Newsletter to break the ice.

They don’t spam your inbox. Instead of that, they take the opportunity of the changing seasons. Excellent timing, once your spending profile might change in different periods of the year.

Ready for the winter?

Recently they release the latest e-newsletter, the “late fall” one. Clean, simple and straight to the point, as it has to be. As they ask you if you are ready for the winter, they play with our habits for the up coming season. It’s time to stay at home watching a good movie. It’s time to light up the Christmas tree.

Some points that show they are in the right way

1) Invite customers to engage

  • Lots of call actions: “take the test” and “Learn how to lower peaks”
  • Attracts readers to their website

2) Showcase their expertise, giving advice readers can use

  • Deliver usable content

3) A small portion of storytelling

  • Picturing a normal day at our lives: “All warm and cosy under your favorite (sic) blanket? Fantastic idea!”

4) Consistent: one voice in multiple platforms

– On the same day they released the e-newsletter, you could find the tweet below:


“Your devices may consume energy… even if it’s off. Unplug it and save money!”. It shows there is synergy between these two channels.

(Click here if you want to understand the hashtag. Content in French.)

What I would do differently

Especially when they talk about “peak hours”, the tone is too informative. Again, I like the way they go straight to the point, but at that point I would take the chance to approach the idea of sustainability. Showing how eco-friendly habits can reduce spending in peak hours, also reducing your bills.

Sustainability is also a subject that must be shown in the newsletter, but it’s not that attractive for the users. Merging the two topics can solve the problem.

Overall, I would say Hydro Québec’s e-newsletter is effective. It connects with the users and asks for engagement. In a simple way and a clean layout, it’s easily scannable and doesn’t spam my inbox. Hydro Québec took an excellent opportunity to communicate with their costumers, even if we are not happy with our bills.


2 thoughts on “Hydro Québec breaks the ice

  1. Nina

    I agree that the frequency is a big factor of between swiping the email to the trash or reading through it. When I get emails on a daily basis from the same company, I either unsubscribe or swipe it out. Hydro Quebec looks like they “care” 🙂 The info graphic is a good touch! Good post!


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