Goop! (There it is)


By: Wendy Hernandez

There is only one email newsletter that I read religiously. I would love to tell you that it is something enlightened like David Suzuki’s newsletter, or something from Times or Singularity HUB. But the truth is: I am a Gooper who not-so-secretly worships at the temple of Gwyneth Paltrow.

Established in 2008, this powerhouse luxury lifestyle brand has survived tons of criticism. There is the constant snickering at the high priced merchandise, the criticism over GP’s out of touch contributions, and let’s not forget how she broke the internet in 2014 when she announced the she had “consciously uncoupled” from her Coldplay frontman husband, Chris Martin.

Eye-rolling aside, the newsletter created by the Goop team pretty much checks off all the HOW TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL NEWSLETTER boxes. Witty subject lines like “how to get sh*take done” grab your attention even before opening up your email. Once you do, there is a sleek, minimalistic layout that balances enough “sell and tell” with pictures and insightful content. Gifs have also been included in some newsletters for an extra pop of visual goodness. Recipes, fashion, advice – it’s all there in one beautifully wrapped package.

I can’t say that there is anything that needs major improvement, but if I had to pick two things they would be the following:

Increase shareability

The Skimm, a daily newsletter that rounds up information from all over the world has a great feature that allows for instant sharing on social media platforms, directly from the snippet in the newsletter. Although the Goop newsletter does include social sharing icons, they are quite small and found at the very top  and very end of the communication. Since a large portion of what Goop does is give advice, I could easily see them adding a “Goop This” at the end of one of their more visible posts.

Skimm Small

Improved inbox layout

This one is more of a pet-peeve. As an email marketer I test and test again to make sure that my subject lines are not too wordy or spammy, and more importantly that the subject line and subsequent text populated by Gmail flow together. I’m not sure what email marketing software Goop is using, but there seems to be an oversight somewhere because when you preview the email in your inbox, instead of an additional descriptive text after the subject, there is a long string of code.

Goop Inbox

This seems really off for a brand so keen to keep their messaging clean and clear on all platforms. The subject lines would be much better served if they added an additional “sell” text.

For example, after the “goop goes pop” subject line they could  include text like “fizzle, sizzle, pop: goop is all about our Valentino collaboration”. This additional description would be especially useful for first time subscribers who may just pass over the email based on the subject line alone.

Now, if the other 72 newsletters that I subscribe to could just add some Goopyness to their messaging, they may spare themselves the fate of ending up in my trash folder.




7 thoughts on “Goop! (There it is)

  1. Marina Longo

    Wendy! You have such a easy flowing way in telling a great story that it draws me in !

    First off, the title of your blog completely CAPTURED my attention – nice touch ! (WHOOP THERE IT IS.. – Such a good song) lol

    Secondly, I had no idea that such a newsletter existed encompassing all that is Gwenyth Paltrow. I will surely think of subscribing to this one because as you mentioned it has luxury lifestyle brand written all over it. Something that can surely draw in any woman.

    Great job!


    1. Wendy

      Hehe, thanks. I’m so happy you got my Tag Team musical reference. I was afraid it would go unnoticed. Hope you enjoy reading Goop! It’s like getting a peek into the mind of the 1%.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alex

    You brought up two very interesting points; share ability and inbox layout. The inbox layout is definitely important as it is what will hook your reader to open the newsletter. Probably something to do with the header they use?


    1. Wendy

      Yeah, Alex. That’s what I’m thinking too. I know that when I work on my email campaigns on MailChimp there is a section where they instruct me to “Use this area to offer a short preview of your email’s content.:”…but I noticed that it’s not there in some newsletter formats. I’m glad I noticed it now, it’s something to keep in mind if and when we decided to produce a newsletter of our own.


  3. Great job on this article Wendy! You’re showing good storytelling skills. Your writing is so effortless that for a second, I had forgotten I was reading a homework! You got me with your last sentence of the first paragraph; the rest of your text followed the same line of thought and didn’t disappoint. Your links lead to interesting pages and reinforce your points. Your review is quite complete and you even mention an interesting point about subject lines. – Matylda K


    1. Wendy

      Thanks, Matylda! It felt like a confessional since I know that bringing up GP is almost as divisive as talking politics or religion. Women seem to have really really strong opinions about her. Did you click on the link to the almost $8,000 start-studded chino jacket? Yeah.


  4. Robyn Clarke


    You’ve got a great relaxed style that is really easy to read. And you made me laugh with “I am a Gooper who not-so-secretly worships at the temple of Gwyneth Paltrow.” It’s not so easy to have your personality and humour translate in writing and you’ve done that well. Great job!


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