E-newsletter: get to the point or into the garbage-can!

By Helene Boidin

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Two words come to my mind when I think about e-newsletter: short and sweet! Yes, this is what I am looking for when screening them. You’d better make it light to get my attention span. Anyway, I will dig into them only if it fits my immediate needs or makes my life easier. It’s like scrolling down a newspaper just for headlines to get an idea of key news for the day with little time and efforts!

Well, I’m probably not alone to think like that. Our attention span for e-newsletters has shrunk in the last years according to surveys: from 30 seconds to 1 minute ten years ago, it seems to have drop below the 10 seconds threshold in the last years! Does your e-newsletters pass the test of grabbing attention and inciting action? Let’s find out with the example of IGA e-newsletter.

IGA e-newsletter: pleasant scrolling experience

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At first sight, IGA e-newsletter is quite attractive and well-constructed. It does well on many aspects every e-newsletter should follow:

  • Subheads are short, clear and create a good intrigue
  • Links to website content including blog, flyer, recipes and videos is well done
  • Pictures are attracting and relevant to the topics
  • First paragraph for each topic is short and give a good idea of the story
  • Relevant use of calendar with several recipes for the Holidays
  • Reminder of the scrolling menu of the website on top of the e-newsletter

Content… What else than food recipes?

But when you get a little closer, there is little content apart recipes. It’s perfect for foodies, undoubtedly their core clientele, but what about other customers? For example, knowing that IGA has an above average income clientele, joie de vivre through nutrition and good ingredients could be also a great subject to talk about and educate.

Another interesting point is that their e-newsletter does not talk at all about their customers, staff and community. However, groceries are strongly rooted in their communities… Customers go to visit them frequently, get to know the staff and meet some customers from their neighbourhood. There would be an opportunity to reinforce the human side of it and showcase their staff good service and also give a voice to their customers.

Link to flyer, can you go a little further, please?

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Finally, the link to flyer is interesting, but it does not give me much than the printed version or the one available on the website. However, even if I would like to spend some time scrolling for specials, I don’t always have time, like this week. So I would have appreciated for example to see a selection of some recipes that will allow me to get the most of this week specials, without having to think about it by myself. This would have been very useful and relevant to plan for my next trip to the grocery, and I would certainly have clicked on it.

Short, Sweet, Relevant and Engaging Content

So, being short and sweet is crucial for any e-newsletter. However it’s not enough. If you want to maximize your impact, you should go further and constantly monitor your content strategy. Your content has to respond to your overall audience interests and needs, so it can build relevance and engagement.

Can you think of an amazing e-newsletter you receive? Share it with us in the comments below.




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