GQ Magazine (a.k.a Jack of all Trades)

By: Marina Longo


When I get my fingertips on that eNewsletter, I’m going to drive to PE Trudeau airport, get on a plane, go to the GQ headquarters in New York, open those doors and applaud with bells and whistles! GQ being one of the most notorious Men’s Fashion/Love/Leisure/Business/Political magazines has continuously provided its clients with the most diverse content; being the Jack of all Trades. Articles ranging from tips on how to buy a new watch to Barack Obama’s exclusive interview, GQ knows how to keep it altogether in a timely fashion…sometimes.


Timing is Everything!

Working as a Marketing Coordinator in the Men’s Fashion industry is quite exciting but can also be draining at times. Managing our social media platforms and posting approximately three times a week, can get tough. Especially when you have run out of ideas of what to post next. This is when I decided to turn to GQ Magazine. They have a tendency to always grab my attention when it comes to their GQ Daily eNewsletters as well as their Weekly eNewsletters. Receiving the eNewsletters has become part of my everyday job. My go-to in finding interesting and relatable digital content is and always has been, GQ. The fact remains that it depends on when I receive these eNewsletters as timing is everything. Always going from one task to another in the office, receiving emails and hearing that “ding” sound is what drives me to my Outlook. GQ has a tendency to send eNewsletters towards the end of the day which does not work in my favor. Posting on our social media platforms need to be done around noon or before as this is where I receive the most traffic on my Facebook page, for example. The one change I will make in this case, is to have them send their eNewsletters towards the morning being the first thing I read when I get into my office. Studies show the best times depend on where you categorize yourself as a business.


Men’s Fashion being in the Retail Industry shows that the prime hours to send subscriber’s their eNewsletters is between 8 am – 10 am. That is the first thing we as Marketers would like to see as it starts off our day with content and we can filter it down to exactly what we need.


The average human’s attention span is… oh look, a bird! According to an article published by Cynthia Price from, “the average adult’s attention span is down to just 8 seconds (that’s less than that of a goldfish).” (

This is why a compelling headline as well as relevancy to an article is crucial. It must grab the reader’s attention at first glance. GQ has excelled at this time and time again. When receiving their eNewsletters, it tends to give me a little taste of what type of articles are relevant that specific day. Then I can slowly scroll down and search for my favorite one just by reading different headlines such as “how to get wrinkles out of your suit”.

Completely and utterly relevant to the industry I work in, this article worked super well as well as many others. Along with the different headlines, it must be accompanied by a photo to really sell the article. This is what drives readers in as images are really key. In this case, GQ nailed it and wouldn’t need to change a thing.

An overall congratulatory applause for GQ. Well done!



4 thoughts on “GQ Magazine (a.k.a Jack of all Trades)

  1. Phil A.

    Your first paragraph really drew me in and made me want to keep reading. I especially like how you were able to effectively set the tone of your post with a single word (“…sometimes”).

    I also like how you introduce us to the positives and negatives of the GQ newsletter by taking us through the context of your day-to-day duties at work, and how certain aspects of the newsletter meets (or doesn’t meet) your needs based on that context. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wendy

    Loved your personal take on this, I felt like I could really hear your voice in it (if that makes any sense). Also really liked how it flowed so naturally into the stats and that image with the overlapping circles is brilliant! I agree, timing is everything in email marketing. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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