Media release 2.0

By: Laetitia Cany

Back in 1999 when I got my bachelor degree in Marketing, we did not worry about the Internet and cell phones were a luxury only a few classmates could afford. Getting the media’s attention back then, as we were taught in business school, meant sending out a traditional media release, and having lunch with a reporter from time to time. But getting some attention in today’s digital world requires understanding the new rules of the game. Writing and implementing a media release requires to fully connect with the audience on both emotional and technological levels.

If your company is about to launch a new breakthrough product, it may stick to the traditional media release or choose a more personal style to connect with its audience, because starting a conversation is what it is all about.

  1. Target your audience

Even though you are writing a media release, keep in mind that the public is your audience, not the media. In fact you are writing an article to get people interested or even to get them involved.

  1. Start a personal conversation

Write to answer the needs of your readers, and don’t sell your products. Tell a story and set a personal tone, make it easy to read and surprise your readers. 

Let’s look at Ben & Jerry’s story behind one of their news release and how they started the conversation.

Ben & Jerry’s has been a business with a social mission since day one.

In the “What’s new” section of their webiste we can find:

Introducing Save Our Swirled!
Benn & Jerry’s is using the news (the coming up COP21) to stand out and voice their brand, and sell ice cream of course, but not right from the start.

“We created a flavor to bring attention to this historic issue and to send out our own SOS for our planet. It’s called Save Our Swirled, featuring raspberry ice cream, marshmallow and raspberry swirls, plus dark and white fudge pieces.”

But how do we tell the climate change story using ice cream? Dig out a chunky spoonful and you can’t help but notice the unique dark and white fudge ice cream cones that appear to be melting. Our stance on climate change and our ice cream is one in the same: If it’s melted, it’s ruined! Save Our Swirled is more than just our newest “swirled-class” flavor: it’s a climate change message you can’t ignore!

We are encouraging our fans in more than 35 nations to take action …”

  1. Be sharable

Because today’s media campaign include earned media and owned media (blog posts, tweets, etc.), the content of your media release (text, pictures, video capsules) should be easy to read and easy to share so that the technological word of mouth can operate. If your company starts setting the trends on social media, that’s the best attention you can ever get!

4 thoughts on “Media release 2.0

  1. Nina

    I like your use of the Ben & Jerry’s example. It refreshing to see that they highlight not the new products they developed nor new promos – but rather a value… Truly does add a different dimension to a company I like – and I’m sure I’ll like even more! Great post!


  2. Very clear point of view in the very first time I’ve read it! Very well distributed and the example matched your thoughts! You did a nice job with the subtitles, making your scannable!


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