Different Media, Different Approach


By: Marina Longo

Hop on the social media bandwagon because media releases are a thing of the past! Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – social media is becoming THE place to get the latest interactive news from anywhere in the world. The need to send out a press release has become more scarce. It’s clear that social media is taking over and with its growing population of users, it’s becoming much easier to stay in the loop. Social media numbers are continuously on the rise, but why exactly have press releases changed to this new form ?

Reason One: Be Brief. Not Boring.  Social Media’s way of providing informative, direct information is more in-tune with today’s world. Greg Galant, the CEO of the website Muckrack (www.muckrack.com) mentions, “Boring doesn’t work on social media because the last thing you want to do is simply take a press release and post it to a social network. It’s much better to tailor your announcement in a human way for each social network your audience will care about.” As true as this statement is, he goes on to mention that every social media platform is different and must be treated differently for their respective purpose. On Twitter, you should come up with an exciting way to vocalize your announcement within 140 characters. On Instagram, find a great image related to your publication to include on your posts. Even on social networks where you can post a lot of text, like Facebook and Tumblr, don’t post a press release. Rewrite it without the jargon and meaningless phrases (e.g. “we’re thrilled to announce”) as though you’re telling a friend why your proclamation matters.

Reason Two:  Be Newsworthy.  Speed and relevance is all you need. In the old days (pre-social media) when a news story broke, PR pros would send emails, faxes and make phone calls to their lists of reporters. They would announce their client is available to comment on the story right away. Digital Media expert David Meerman Scott (www.davidmeermanscott.com) states that, “news jacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story to reach buyers directly and generate tons of media coverage.”  This can easily be done nowadays with 140 words on Twitter and one single photo on Instagram to state the same purpose. It has to be relevant and newsworthy.

 Rule Three.  Be Live.  In my opinion, you cannot become more live than with social media. Especially in times of emergency, you need a social media response team in place to take charge and deal directly with the people in a matter of seconds. Providing up-to-the-minute facts and highlighting the events through social media, reassures the public and customers.

Final Words. Running your social media campaign like your traditional media campaign is not the same as it used to be. Social media’s characteristics in comparison to traditional media can be found below along with their respective features. The wave of the future has become more digital and easier to maneuver when dealing with social media. Angela Hausman has done a marvelous job in distinguishing each unique trait from one-way conversation (traditional media) to now a two-way conversation (social media) and its importance all the way through!

Social Media

Two-way conversation

Open system


One-on-one marketing

About you

Brand and User-generated Content

Authentic content

FREE platform

Metric: Engagement

Actors: Users/ Influencers

Community decision-making

Unstructured communication

Real time creation

Bottom-up strategy

Informal language

Active involvement

Traditional Media

One-way conversation

Closed system


Mass marketing

About ME

Professional content

Polished content

Paid platform

Metric: Reach/ frequency

Actors/ Celebrities

Economic decision-making

Controlled communication

Pre-produced/ scheduled

Top-down strategy

Formal language

Passive involvement



7 thoughts on “Different Media, Different Approach

  1. Concrete tips!!! I love it. That’s what I’m looking for the most in blog posts. This is actually giving me guidelines and tips on how to have a good presence on social media when it comes to sharing news. Thanks M!

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  2. Phil A.

    I definitely agree with your all of your points, especially “Be Brief, Not Boring”. Some companies might feel compelled to post something on social media “just to get the word out there”, but it’s unlikely we’ll listen if the word doesn’t grab our attention right away and if it doesn’t speak to us. Great post!

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  3. Alex

    All points are definitely applicable and relevant. We definitely witnessed the “Be Live” aspect of online news last week. The stories were unfolding on different platforms, information being added or corrected along the way. People are more interested in being in the loop more than having 100% accurate information. The table at the end was a nice summary. Well done!

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  4. Marina Longo

    Thanks everyone for the great comments. I know I have to work on my writing and flow of my blogs but the feedback is great 🙂 Cheers! See you all tomorrow – bright & early! 🙂


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