I’m Friends With My Brands

Assignment 3 - People Chat

By: Niña Vanesa Valino

Honestly, whenever I hear the words “Press/Media Release”, the first thing that comes to my mind would be some formal announcement addressed to the media. Nowadays amidst this digital era, media release has been (and still is) evolving in order to adapt to society’s needs.

Now, It’s A Conversation With You

So, who’s who in the online zoo? It’s actually a pretty exciting time for both buyers and sellers – there’s no need for a middleman anymore! Online content including PR materials is a conversation directly with You, the end user. As we go through the digitization of media, more and more companies are encouraged to have an online voice that will capture personality for their ideal audience.

Digital Media: Why do we love thee?

According to SmartInsight’s 2015 study, people have spent 75% more of their time glued to their computers, mobile phones, and other digital devices as they did in 2010. It has now become the natural way to talk to consumers. Digital media has successfully changed the platform on where and how we do campaigns and here’s why:

  1. Cost Efficiency: TV, Radio and Print media makes you pay per placement. Traditional media has a single-use life-span, while digital media has an unlimited shelf life, as described by Ernest Barbaric. You’d enjoy the luxury of having your own channel, website, fan page etc. as long as you maintain it. People can come to you and view/play your material to their heart’s content at no extra cost.
  2. Point of Sale: An Ipsos Reid Study found that 8 out of 10 Canadians have made a purchase online. Not only has social media become a means of communication, but now also serves as a virtual store that’s open globally, 24/7.
  3. Instigate Advocacy from Consumers: “They are important in making your voice real, which makes you more trustworthy”, says Angela Hausman. Digital media opens up avenues on ways on how to maintain and drive brand loyalty.
  4. Online Tracking: Based on how your followers react on your content, you may immediately infer what works and what don’t. Moreover, Online tools, such as Google Analytics, are readily available to track and analyze users who visit or read your content online. No longer would you need to conduct an expensive and time-consuming survey just to see who is using your product – these types of analysis can now be done anytime, in real-time.

Companies have now established a friendly “face” in the online world. And Digital/social media has attracted a lot of action against these online personas! It relays media release from a personal perspective, becoming more relatable and, to some extent, humble.

I personally find that I can connect more with someone real and sincere, just like with brands. Even though there are changes here and there, it is important to remember to be true to your purpose, and through it, build a long lasting relationship with your consumer.

2 thoughts on “I’m Friends With My Brands

  1. Laetitia Cany

    Hi Nina, since I am a follower of your blog post stories, here is my comment: love your title, it is catchy and summarize the whole idea. Of course your analysis is well articulated and you use relevant sources. Where do you find all you sources? Interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

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