The path to engaging content

By Helene Boidin


In today’s digital world more than ever, we are overflowed with brand messages and very few stand out from the crowd. It seems harder and more complex to bring out relevant and consistent digital content. But when you take the time to go back to basics before publishing, you’re giving your brand a chance to succeed through the path of engaging content.

We’ve all been taught in our early years the writing rules of the 5W and 1H (What, Where, When, Who, Why, How)… Answering those questions is the roadmap for any good story. But in the business world, a good story is not enough. You need to ensure that your digital content contribute to your business goals.

  • How do you start to craft your content?
  • And how do you measure its impact?

Defining the WHO and the WHY is the foundation for creating meaningful marketing conversation, including digital. It’s the meeting of 2 personas who should have a compelling reason to talk to each other.


Start with the WHY and the WHO

  • WHY refers to the brand mission or the quest for an inspiring consumer insight based on a deeply rooted need, belief or behavior. This insight should trigger emotions and activate limbic brain big time, as demonstrated in Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. The WHY, also referred as the brand essence, sums up how your brand connects emotionally with your customers. The WHY is probably the toughest thing to define. But, once you get it right, it’s a powerful asset to grab consumer interest into your conversation.
  • WHO refers as who you are (the brand) and who you want to talk to. There’s a lot to dig in here to fully understand the brand and the consumer. You should start with descriptive data like demographics. By listening carefully, there is also a lot to learn about behaviors, lifestyle, state of mind, emotions and values.

Infer the WHAT, HOW, WHEN and WHERE

Once you have defined properly the WHY and the WHO, then it’s easier to settle what’s the conversation is going to be and how to deliver it. You can deduct as well best timing and media mix to reach your consumers. The WHY and the WHO act as your sandbox and are creating legitimate expectations about the scope of the WHAT, HOW, WHERE and WHEN.

Establish Key Performance Indicators and monitor response

Finally, before you publish your content, you should ensure you have set key measures objectives in line with your business goals. It could be:

  • Impressions for awareness
  • Likes for consideration
  • Click-through for response
  • Shares for engagement

You should add also qualitative tracking (positive versus negative comments) and ensure you evaluate your ROI and cost per impression.

Ready to find your WHY and talk to your WHO?  Check out related posts and share your experiences in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The path to engaging content

  1. Veronique B-Fowler

    I really enjoyed the “step-by-step” guide you outline in this post. It is easy to read and offers a simple solution to a problem that often seems insurmontable. Thanks for sharing!


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