Success on Creating Relevant Content

by Bruno Pereira

Writing content to be published on Internet is a big challenge. You have to be relevant and adapt your article depending on the audience you want to reach, the platform you are using and the objectives you want to achieve. So, to make this task more flu2postORnot2postid and reduce the risks of failing on your strategy, there are some questions that must be answered before publishing your content. In this post, I’ll focus on two important questions, among others.

1) Why someone else would be interested in reading my article?

Yes. Seems to be a very simple question and I agree. But it is the most obvious things that we commonly forget to think about. Most of the writers/authors on Internet tend to write things for themselves. The idea of a journal is interesting, but it can also easily fail.

So always ask this question: why someone else would be interested in reading my article? And bring the answers to yourself using the checklist below making sure that at least one of the points is checked.

  • I’m bringing relevant content with useful information
  • The reader will be able to find new trends on this topic
  • I did a research on the topic and I gathered a lot of useful information

2) Am I using the right platform to publish this content?

This is one thing we learn after making some mistakes. Some contents work very well in some platforms, but fails in others. Some articles are made to publish on the website, where people go to learn more about your product/ service. But others are better if you use on blogs, where people intend to look for generic information about a specific topic, but they also want to engage. Thinking on social medias, when building a campaign, the message remains the same, but the content needs to be adapted. Again, use a checklist to help you make you decision, now answering some questions.

  • How people behave on this platform?
  • Does this platform I’m using facilitates this behaviour?
  • Does my post leverage people to engage on this
  • If I were searching information about this topic, would I use this platform as a priority?

In both cases, once you have positive answers, you should publish and make a projection of your results. Establish how many people you think you can reach with your article and preview how many people you expect that will engage with your content

Next step? Monitor. See if you reached your expectations. If the results are too low, go back and redo the same questions again. Write a new article. Test, test and test. The experience will come after a period of hard working.

Speaking on publishing… I apologize to interrupt, but I have to go back on my article and ask these questions to myself before I publish it.

Please, leave your comment and tell me: what makes you think that you are publishing the right content in the right platform? Your answers will also help me on my next blog posts!

Image Credit: cambodia4kidsorg


2 thoughts on “Success on Creating Relevant Content

  1. Great points and a great question-conclusion. I choose my platform based on how my audience uses it. Most of my audience uses Twitter as a news source about my brand, so I use it to share with them what’s new.


  2. Bruno Pereira

    Thanks for your insight, Scott! Nice way to stay in touch with your audience sharing the latest headlines! As always… the audience’s behaviour determines our decisions!


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