Startups and Investor Communication

Nathaniel White-Joyal

Once again I’m struggling.   I’m digging deep into yet another company from another industry.   I don’t quite get the product, but I know what the business’ goals are.  I have to convince investors to invest in this company.    Investing has changed, now investors want to invest in companies that share their values.

The goal is to communicate the values of the business to investors. I also must be sure to communicate to the right investors.  If I communicate to the wrong group there will be mass confusion.


I always start with why.  Why does this company exist? Why is this content created?  Asking why, can allow any author to develop content that is relevant to the goals set forth by the business.   I am working with a diverse group of companies right now.  I have two beverage companies, a telecom company, and a fintech company.  They all have different objectives for their long-term success.  They all have the same short-term goal, on different scales.  Spending time with the founders of these companies allows insights into their product.

There is one company that I think has an amazing handle on their values. They understand how those values can impact their business objectives.  Sap! Maple Water has an amazing product and an amazing message.  They want to change the soft drink industry, with a beverage that is delicious and healthy. IMG_3054

The commitment to the community and economy of Vermont makes it easy to create content for them.  (I am adding to their editorial calendar as I write this). The founders asked why when they were founding the company.  It has given them an advantage in the marketplace.  Why has it given them an advantage?  They have already connected with an audience that is passionate about their product.


That passionate audience is the best marketing team they could ask for.  I have a clear direction to take their raise.  The audience is defined and specific.  Targeting the right audience with content is a massive part of this equation.  Targeting content to the wrong group can do damage to that relationship.  It can be as bad as spam.  I have made that mistake, and I am still trying to repair the relationship.


Targeting for a fintech company is straightforward right now.  They are all the rage in silicon valley and investors who are outside of the space are clamoring to get in.  This does not mean that the targeting does not need to be specific.  I would say that it makes the targeting more focused.  I have found a group of investors that is in a niche market within fintech.  I have started to create content that features the growth of EMV (chip and pin).  My hypothesis is that this group will see this content and connect with the company and invest.  I guess we will have to see how it all works out.

Why always leads me to who. Answering these two questions always helps to develop the content for each company.  The research leads to creativity and creativity connects the company with the right audience.

2 thoughts on “Startups and Investor Communication

  1. Nice job applying the real-life story of Sap! as they were ‘asking WHY when they were founding the company’. You do a nice job of connecting that with how it can make writing on their behalf more simple. Great applicable examples!


  2. I love the way you start this post, We have the chance to feel with you the struggle of writing content that represents the voice and the identity of someone else. It is an excellent way to connect concept with its real application.


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