#ShareaCoke: Write Amazing Content That Tells a Story and Caters to Your Audience’s Lifestyle

By: Robyn Clarke (@msrobynclarke)

The sun peeks over tall buildings, glistening down on the start of a perfect summer day. Anything is possible. A curly haired girl walks into a convenient store twirling her name necklace; Jess. She smiles at the cute cashier, Chris, as she purchases two bottles of Coke with her name, and her friend Alisha’s name on the labels.

#ShareaCoke with Jess
#ShareaCoke with Chris
#ShareaCoke with Chris

The “Share a Coke this summer” commercial quickly evolves into the best summer day you could ever imagine. It serves up a plethora of experience and enjoyment…but what else makes this marketing content so successful?

It comes down to two important factors to consider when creating content:

The Who and The Why

People love to get lost in a story. They want to be drawn in by the magic of human connections that reflect authenticity. Personally, I am captivated by products that echo the lifestyle I want, and reflect my beliefs, and my intentions to live sustainably and forge true and meaningful relationships with other people, and the products that I use. So…

Who is your audience?

Who is your product intended for, and who are you as a brand? What does your product offer to your customer, and how do your goals align with theirs? These are the first questions to ask yourself when creating digital content. Whom the message is intended for allows you to write with intent, catering your message to a particular audience, one that is attuned to the values of your products. In the case of the #ShareaCoke commerical, they align themselves with youth, first love, and carefree summers. Coke is targeting a large audience with narratives that many people can relate to. Their slogan “open happiness” sums up both the tone and the lifestyle that they want their consumers to relate with their brand image.

#ShareaCoke #EnjoyHappiness
#ShareaCoke #OpenHappiness

Why are you writing the content?

This question should be repeatedly asked as you craft your message. Sometimes, rather than writing a headline, you can brainstorm by asking what is my why statement? Each element of the #ShareaCoke campaign keeps the tone and imagery consistent by referring back to their slogan “open happiness.”  The marketers at Coke envision many elements that make up happiness, but the central element in their story is that people connect by sharing the beverage with each other. People feel special when they receive personalized gifts.

Coke makes sharing a drink with your friend both fun and personal. Why is your brand’s intention, its core values, what it offers to its consumer. Without knowing your why, you can’t answer the other 5 W’s – where, when, what, who and the H (how). These journalistic questions will help you to target your content – but be sure to concentrate on the strength of your who and why. They will direct how you answer the rest of your questions. And, if anyone finds a #ShareaCoke with the name Robyn on it, be sure to take a picture and send it my way!

#ShareaCoke with Jess and Friends
#ShareaCoke with Jess and Robyn! (Ps. Robyn prefers Coke Zero!)
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4 thoughts on “#ShareaCoke: Write Amazing Content That Tells a Story and Caters to Your Audience’s Lifestyle

  1. Robyn… I could read you for pages. I love the storytelling, it illustrates your train of thought so well and it allows me to remember a concrete example to back up the choice made here: Who? and Why?. Explaining a concept can be tough but thanks to the Share a Coke story, I get what you’re trying to say easily. It also made me rethink the “Why?” and how much more important it can be when it comes to digital content writing. Thank you!


  2. Phil A.

    I remember being introduced to the #ShareACoke campaign through the commercial that you included in your post. I felt right away that it was a great campaign because of the way they focused on things that are universal and relatable (fun and friendship), as opposed to simply saying “buy our product!”.

    I think you do a great job of breaking down what gives this campaign its effectiveness. I fully agree with you that when focusing on lifestyle for your digital content, you have to know to whose lifestyle your content should be resonating, so that your content is relatable and accessible to your audience. While at the same, not losing focus on the ultimate goal of your campaign.

    Great job, Robyn!


  3. Alex V.

    Great post! I definitely agree with the “who” and the “why” being the core of great content. I like how you relate the campaign’s centralized theme/slogan “enjoy happiness” to “why” we write content. The centralized theme helps us go back to “our roots” during content development, keeping a consistent brand image and tone.


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