IT’S ALL ABOUT THE WHY… Brigitte Martin

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It’s all about the why in digital content writing. Why does this matter to me? Why should anyone care? Why do we do anything? This is the big question that rules beliefs and emotions. If your content is able to engage this feeling with your reader, then you will inspire them to act on your writing. They will share your story on social media. They will in turn create their own content based on your inspiration, generating more reader experiences. But, you also need 2 other elements to execute good content. The what and the how are also important partners to ensure your success.

Simon Sinek refers to this as “The Golden Circle” in his platform “Start with Why”. If you can define your why first, then your how and your what will easily follow. There’s a reason why children will continually ask you “why” when they are not satisfied with your answer. It usually means you have an unclear objective, an uninspiring why. Children know it because they feel it!

Why does this happen? Scientifically speaking, we know that if we can touch the limbic part of the brain, we will engage with others more because we are touching the emotional part of a person. This is where we feel. If you touch a nerve, you might make something go viral. You don’t start out with deciding to make something go viral: that would be starting with what.

  • Start with why, then you are more likely to influence and inspire readers with your content.
  • The how is the choice of tone or words you will use to communicate your why.
  • The what are the product and media choices you’ll make to get your content out there.

An interesting example of digital content happened last week in Canadian politics. We don’t usually make it to NBC or BBC nightly news. When asked a question about why he filled 50% of his cabinet appointments with women, Justin Trudeau’s replied “Because it’ s 2015 “. This “why” reply touched the inside of the brain with a lot people. It wasn’t just about more female representation, it was also about diversity and many goals attached to that why.

“That’s because the why is a dream vs a plan”.

3 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE WHY… Brigitte Martin

  1. Love your application of Sinek to the foundational ‘why’. I was recently introduced to his work when I told someone about this very question-based conversation. Not surprised to see him cited here in a smart connection.


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