Digital writers: be sure to answer those key questions!

By: Laetitia Cany

Some people may think that writing is a gift. And yes, in a way, all writers are generous people! They give something to read. Let’s take a closer look at the facts: the writer (key question#1: who?) gives something to read (key question#2: what?) to the reader (again, key question #1: who?). In the simple act of writing (or giving), these 2 questions (who and what) are to be carefully answered to meet the goals set from the start (why is the writer doing all that writing for?). And the goal (yet another key question: why?) is, in my opinion, equally as important as what and who.

Focusing on digital content, if the writer wants to please the reader, he will listen (the importance of knowing your audience!) and serve nice content (the importance of what!), not push and sell it. Let’s take a look at what NESCAFÉ is doing on their webpage. It is engaging the audience to “Start something over a cup of NESCAFÉ.” (

Who is Who? The voice of the brand is simple and accessible (great and simple things start with a cup of NESCAFÉ!) and the audience is everyone, anyone looking into unsophisticated coffee style, and authentic feelings, all over the world.

What is what? 

1st message: It all starts with a NESCAFÉ

2nd message: 100% natural coffee beans create a cup so rich, it’s no wonder NESCAFÉ is the world’s favourite way to kick-start the day.

Their story conveyed on Youtube (Arnaud is testing his Facebook friendships, in French only) reinforces the space that the audience takes in the storytelling and the authenticity of the message “it all starts with a NESCAFÉ”. It is simple and efficient.

How do you measure success in answering those “who and what” questions?

How does NESCAFÉ measures its success? My guess is that they know their audience (through market intelligence), they read the comments on their various digital platforms, and analyze the profile of who ever is making them. And for sure NESCAFÉ takes a look at their business results: did they sell more cups of coffee after their youtube campaign?

So don’t over do it, define your voice, listen to your audience and work on your content for a perfect match.


One thought on “Digital writers: be sure to answer those key questions!

  1. Great Nescafé example. The campaign is engaging, perfectly designed for social media. This is the type of content you want to watch and watch more, have fun with it and share it with your friends. I prioritized the Who and the Why but I have to admit that the What follows shortly after!


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