Digital Content & it’s Ability to Listen/Serve your clients in the Social Media World !

Social Media

By: Marina Longo

The two most important questions when it comes to writing digital content is “what are my clients taking back with them from my posts” and “is the content that I write for my Social Media platforms really working for my brand?”

When thinking of digital content and its usage on any social media platforms, one must come to terms with what the consumer wants. The first step is writing the digital content because this is what grabs your client’s attention and engages them to converse with your company. In turn, this is where the success of your writing skills comes in. In order to see if this is truly working in your favor, tracking what your clients are saying on your social media pages and monitoring this can be quite beneficial to your company. Keeping track of all the clients who, on a day-to-day basis, follow you and comment on your posts is a huge help as the first step to listening to your clients. I believe this must be done for several weeks to truly understand where your clients are coming from and what they are saying about your company. You may then re-work your writing strategy to fit your client’s best needs/wants. What do the clients want to see more of? What are they talking about? Why are they mentioning my brand? These are all questions that your company can take back to the drawing board and re-assess the digital content for the brand.

Serving your clients is the next step as this is where you need to engage with your fellow followers and answer any comments/questions they might have. This will show engagement and quick turnaround to their daily questions. The more engaged you are with your followers, the more detail you will get back and better understand what your clients need. This is a sure way to perfect writing skills when it comes to digital content.

Social Media in general is a wonderful way to track/monitor what your followers are doing on a 24/7 basis. By setting business objectives for your brand, one must align the digital content goals in relation to the business goals. By choosing one business goal in particular, to start off, this can be a great way to begin carefully structuring your target market on your social media platforms. By checking the VIEWS of your social media pages you can write the content based on one common trait of the majority of your followers and digging in to see what they truly like to see! This will successfully begin to trickle-down and engage in more followers. The CTR (click-through-rate) can also be beneficial in finding out more about your followers. The amount of likes to any/all of your digital content (posts) will spread like wildfire once you have narrowed down what your followers really want to see from your brand. This will come with time and with the right monitoring skills and the right digital content.

Social Media is a strong tool that is also the best way to perfect your writing skills!


2 thoughts on “Digital Content & it’s Ability to Listen/Serve your clients in the Social Media World !

  1. Highlighting “listening” and “serving” is a very strong foundation in defining the core of connecting with our digital content. You do a good job of using smart, focused questions as the backbone of making your point.

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