6 Essential questions for a better content development and storytelling

By: Sebastian Altmark

There are 6 essential questions you need to answer when developing digital content and storytelling for marketing. These questions will help you strategize your content to be in tune with your brand and business goals. Story-wise these  same questions will help you develop storytelling to transmit an engaging message to your audience.


The WHO, when developing digital content, will be answered while thinking of your brand and your audience. The content must represent the brand identity and provide your clients with an engaging message that resonates with them. 

When developing a story the WHO is a question about your hero. He, she, it or them must also resonate in an engaging way with your audience. They also must embody the values expected from your brand.


Asking WHAT am I going to create will help you think about the content you will create.  It must be aligned with your business strategy and goals.  This content will have a primary message with the single most important  aspect of the business and a secondary message that will support the first one.   

Capture d’écran 2015-11-10 à 22.20.17

At this media outlet their primary message is “Ordinary people with extraordinary stories”, that reflects their most important aspect. The secondary message, “Curiosity Craves is an online media outlet that specializes in capturing authentic local culture through real conversations with everyday people” comes to support their main aspect as a media outlet portraying people and their extraordinary stories.

In storytelling you must ask yourself  WHAT is this story about? This is the main question to answer.  While your story needs to be in tune with the business strategy and goal, you don’t have to directly reflect them in the story. It is not about the features of your product but more about the  added value. Something that  links your business with an emotion that will hit a cord in your target audience.


When developing content the WHY will help you clarify if that content is sending your intended message.  Story-wise the WHY will help you in the same way. When asking WHY a story will be the best fit venue  to sell a product or represent a brand. The  answer should be a good story that  always provides an emotional experience adding value when connecting with your target audience.


The where, when and how helps you  plan the best way to put your stories out there  in the most strategic way. Depending on your audience and their habits you will choose one platform over the other.  You will schedule when to publish your content or story based on the time of the day they are online. Finally the how will help you set the tone and voice of your content and storytelling.


One thought on “6 Essential questions for a better content development and storytelling

  1. nathaniel

    You commitment to storytelling is really important to the creation of quality content. I am excited to see what curiosity craves publishes. Understanding the message is the perfect place to start.


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