2 Ways to Easily Catch Users’ Attention on Blogs

I came across this infographic the other day on how much data is generated on the Internet per minute. We cannot even start to comprehend the speed of things and amount of data exchanged and created. If you want to break through the cluster, I have two advice for you: be sure that your content is answering a need, and while you’re answering it, make sure to do it in an awesome way.

Go Straight to the Point and Show Personality

Don’t waste people’s time. Your content is already competing with other blogs, videos, podcasts – everything on the Internet is calling for the user’s attention! With all those temptations pulling your user away, you must offer content that’s concise and full of worthy information. But giving the right information is not enough! Show personality and you risk to spark enough emotions and interest to get them through your article.

Tips to be a Samurai of the Writing:

  • Establish your premise clearly. If it can’t be understood in the first paragraph, why would anyone read pass?
  • Keep your vocabulary accessible for your audience. Otherwise, how will they understand the genius in your ideas? Clarity comes first. Ego second last.
  • Showing passion and conviction can help explain ideas in ways bland text will never do. Period.
  • Don’t waste words: E-V-E-R-Y word should have its purpose and carry a valuable message. Think “efficiency” from start to end. Discipline will get you there Samurai!
  • BYOP: Bring your own personality to connect with the audience. Facts can convince, but showing personality and values sticks – seize both elements to offer the most engaging content!


Listen & Serve

People will come on your blog because you are answering a need. Have the user in mind: What’s in it for them? Certainly, we should align content with goals but remember to watch where your audience engages and create more of that content.

You can’t only sell; it’s a relationship, the day there won’t be anything for the user they won’t come back. Content needs to fulfill a need, answer a question or a problem.

Now, Samurai, let your convictions guide your writing as you will be paving the way for better blogging!

Follow these instructions and you might defeat the foes of non-engaging content! Indication of success could be measured with the user’s time spent reading on the page, social media shares, number of people printing the page, number of comments and their tone. Remember, to access the level of Jedi, you must participate in the conversation with your online community and lead them intellectually …and with personality.

May the writing be with you.

By Matylda Kramarz


5 thoughts on “2 Ways to Easily Catch Users’ Attention on Blogs

    1. I feel like writing with conviction & passion can transform a bland text into something that is newsworthy (because if it wasn’t, why would we be so passionate about it?) -mk


  1. Robyn Clarke

    Hi Matylda,

    I love the tone of your blogging voice. It is very conversational and pleasant – I felt like I was having a conversation with you. I also liked that you made up your own saying “BYOP – Bring your own personality” – I think you did just that! Way to go, Jedi master!


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