Xerox gets $1 billion due to “Optimism”

Get Optimistic

by Cintia Klein

There are plenty of media content in the business to consumer world, however Xerox have been managing a very effective online strategy to communicate directly with IT executives and CIOs. Their online and offline campaign “Get Optimistic” has led to more than 1,500 sales appointments, which resulted in $1 billion in a pipeline with a 12-to-18-month sales cycle.

Business process and document management company Xerox realized that there were two main critical success factor for increasing their revenue with their online campaign: standing out from competitors in the crowded IT solutions suppliers and getting past administrative assistants who serve as gatekeepers to senior-level executives.

In general, the IT competitors all talk about how we to solve problems for their customer. The “Get Optimistic” campaign, focus not on problems but on clients who had solved those problems and the mindset that had helped them succeed. It was conceived to be a business publication with perceived value rather than a piece of sales collateral. Xerox worked with Forbes to develop the content, a partnership that produced relevant business articles from a trusted source.

The website was designed to gather consistent stories to start conversation for sales representatives, who were trying to build relationships with prospective clients. But marketers at Xerox needed to get those stories to the people who make decisions, avoiding the natural filtering from administrative employees.

The LinkedIn ( approach: “Positive attitudes yield positive results. We’re here to fuel the engine of your enterprise with insights that lead to opportunities.” is pretty effective to open a dialog. There are many useful articles displayed both on website and LinkedIn, like “16 MPS Questions You Should Be Asking Providers” providing useful advice on questions that shall be asked to vendors of Managed Print Services (MPS) to ensure the best solution for many business case.

On Twitter ( @growoptimism aligned with the webpage and LinkedIn contents, there are articles that matter to IT executives and CIOs – Chief Information Officer.” The demand for the CIO is to be much more of an influencer, a shaper, a business strategizer, than it has ever been ” and ” “Manage People at the Speed of Change” –insights from JetBlue cofounder Ann Rhoades on implementing transformations: ” are good examples.

The company has promoted the digital properties through email and printed cards that sales representatives distribute personally. Naturally, good portion of the content covered Xerox customers stories as well as tips from Xerox executives. The company has produced five editions so far, tailoring massive amount of useful, appealing content to serve key verticals.

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