Swatch Valentine’s Day promo for ‘candied’ watch

swatchSwatch was running a Twitter Valentine’s Day 2014 prize promotion challenging people to upload ‘candied’ pictures of themselves. So many fans around the world posted their candy pictures. The goal was to launch and promote the Sweet Love Valentine’s watch.

Ten people judged to have the most creative entry will win one of the watches, while one will win a $2000 travel voucher for a romantic getaway.

For example in the UK, the Swiss watch brand has teamed up with the Metro free newspaper, which was publishing the winning tweets. The competition was also promoted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and on Swatch’s website.

The strategic intent was to promote and sell the new watch as well to build brand awareness worldwide. I think is was I very succesfull campain as people love to make selfies and post them on the web. However, until now I couldn’t find any campaign results, maybe I will have them for the final assignment next week.swatch1

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