#BeMoreDog inspires mobile consumers (even cats!) to try something different

By Marc Roth

I love cats for their intelligence and grace. I also admire dogs for their carefree and adventurous nature. So when O2 mobile in the UK combined both in order to show what can happen when you throw caution to the wind to try something new, a fun and sharable social campaign was born.

The campaign was a shift for the mobile brand from a product-and-benefits pitch to a lifestyle approach, encouraging users to get outside their comfort zones and break the mold. The concept was embodied by a cat deciding to be more like a dog, and was supposed to translate into mobile users to jump on to a new O2 4G network.

o2 Be More Dog – Case Study from VCCP KIN on Vimeo.

Was it effective?
As a stand-alone campaign, the #BeMoreDog concept caught on. It complimented a traditional TV and print campaign with multi-channel sharable social content.

Highlights include:

  • Dedicated Campaign SitecatwebUsers could link their mobile phones to the site to have a doglike cat catch it, and send ‘DogBombs’ to friends to encourage them to change their boring catlike behaviour.
  • Youtube – The anchor video of the campaign, with an invitation at the end to participate in either the Frisbee and DogBomb social campaigns or visit the O2 Guru TV channel for more on the latest mobile technology.
  • cat3Vine Film Festival – In order to encourage users to seize the (dog) moment, users were encouraged to create a Vine of their favourite movie – in 6 seconds.
  • Instagram Hijack – Users were encouraged to find the dog photos hidden amongst the thousands of cat photos

 Strategic Results
By the numbers, the campaign certainly grew legs and proved to be a popular internet and social sensation. In fact, O2 extended it to associate the buzz with several product launches through 2014.

With over 3 million YouTube views, 300K interactive mobile frisbee throws, 35K Dog Bombs sent and 100K tweets, the campaign likely had a much wider audience than a more traditional mobile product focused campaign would have had.cat1

However, connecting “being more dog” with running out and buying the latest mobile phone is a leap that this animal lover would find difficult to make. Whether all the social buzz translated into a net increase in new 4G activations would be an interesting statistic to explore.

4 thoughts on “#BeMoreDog inspires mobile consumers (even cats!) to try something different

  1. Maryam Nikoopour

    This is a perfect campaign for people like me who are fans of dogs, I would certainly be inspired! but I wonder if it works for global cat lovers, would they be inspired too?! 🙂 Interesting article


  2. I like the way O2 Mobile used so many different social media platforms to connect and interact with their audience. The Vine film festival is a neat idea, considering how many dog owners enjoy making videos of their dog (me included) (Leslie)


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